Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Hi

So yeah... I have been a terrible nonexistent blogger lately.  Maybe I'm in a season where blogging isn't as important to me?  The funny thing is I still read blogs in my Google Reader every day... I just haven't been posting.

What have I been doing?

Well, right now I am sweating.  Apparently in addition to our mild winter this year, we're also jumping straight to summer.  It was like 90 degrees today, and this is after weeks of 70-80 degree weather.  I'm not complaining, but a little spring would have been nice.  Not only that, but my a/c does not appear to be working.  It's running and blowing out cool air, but it's not really cooling off... I think maybe the thermostat is broken.  I called the apartment office about it, and they claimed they fixed it... but seeing as how it's saying it's still 80 in here?  I'm thinking I'm going to be calling again tomorrow.  Fortunately we don't have summer humidity yet, so it's not SO bad... but I know I need to get it fixed sooner than later.  Rent ain't cheap, and while I am not a complainer, I will definitely be a polite pest about getting it fixed.  Whatever they did today didn't do anything.

I also started a new job.  It's definitely a big change, and while it's a good one, it is also incredibly draining.  I have been gleaning a ton of info about the organization and the events that I am taking on, and hopefully I'll be able to really dive in and get started on some things soon.  I'll probably write a post about this new job soon and share a few things... I've been given the awesome opportunity to plan athletic events to raise money to provide counseling to US troops and their families through my new position at Not Alone.  It's super exciting to combine my desire to do something to serve others along with my passion for running and athletic events!

Running.  Hmm.  So I'll admit.  I haven't run since the half marathon in New Orleans almost a full month ago, unless you count running through the parking lot to get to my car in the rain.  Honestly?  It feels good to truly take a break.  I realize I've been pretty scaled back on training since my last marathon in November, but I think I've just really needed to take a true break.  But I'll be working to get back on track soon... there are no plans to train for a PR or to do a lot of distance anytime in the next few months, but it's nice to let myself get to this point where I actually miss running.

So that's where I've been in addition to my social life, the boy, etc.  And watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  (Seriously, I finished season one in like a week.) And reading The Hunger Games (I may or may not have stayed up til 3am reading it, and I'm pretty sure I'll finish it tonight.  And then want to go see the movie.)

I'll try to get back on track with some more regular blogging.  I'm hoping some of you are still out there!


Matt said...

Thanks for the update stranger! :)

Matt said...

Thanks for the update stranger! :)

Tasha said...

Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like the perfect fit for you! Don't worry about taking a break from running. I took some time off after the December marathon and it was really nice to recover completely and tackle another round of training from a fresh start (although it was depressing when I could barely run a mile- ha!) Hunger Games books are addicting, right?! I liked the movie a lot! said...

Your new job sounds perfect!!! Good luck!

Erin said...

Woohoo for your new job and getting into the swing with that!

And it makes me so happy that we're both watching FNL at the same time. Winston and I definitely watched about 10 episodes on Friday night when we were waiting to go to a LATE NIGHT assignment for me. Can't wait to talk about all the happenings on the show with you!