Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trying Something New

When I was at MTSU, we had a really awesome rec center.  I went over there a good bit, but one thing I never did there was try to climb the rock wall.

I think part of it was I felt intimidated to try something new like that... when it was right inside the front door where everyone coming in and out could potentially watch.  (I was nervous like that back then.)

I always thought I'd enjoy rock climbing, but I never really knew quite how to get into it.

My college boyfriend had me try once.  We went out with two of his roommates somewhere within driving distance of Nashville... and we climbed on REAL rock.  As in, one of them did the lead climbing and placed all the little thingies (whatever they're called) to feed the rope through for the rest of us.  (Clearly, these boys knew what they were doing.)

Eventually it was my turn to give it a shot.  I remember I asked him to send the other two boys away... the last thing I needed was three different experienced climbers (and boys at that) telling me what to do.  They went for a hike, and he taught me the basics.

I remember realizing quickly that it's just as much about the work you do with your legs as it is about using your arms.  This was good for me since I have a ton of leg strength and virtually no upper body strength.  I was able to get a little ways up, and I remember thinking it was fun... but that was the only time I ever did that.

(I realize now I have more of a "why not go all in" attitude than I sometimes admit.  You know, what with running a full marathon before every running anything else longer than a 5K... and climbing on real rocks outdoors instead of trying an indoor rock climbing gym.)

So when a friend of mine suggested I give indoor rock climbing a try, I was on board.  Plus, I've just got some stuff going on and have been trying to keep myself busy and plan stuff every evening.

On top of that, I'm also going through my little impulsive streak that a mentioned a few days ago.... so I was pretty easily convinced to go on and buy the 30-day pass so that we can come back a few times over the next month.  (We agreed that after a few times we might feel like we've tried it and want to move on to something else.  We shall see.)

Y'all.  I had a BLAST.  It was exhilarating in a way that I didn't expect.  Not only did I feel like it was a workout and that I was making my body try something new, it was also a rush to have to think strategically and figure out where to place my hands and feet as I scaled on up the wall.

My only disappointment was that there wasn't a bell to ring when I reach the top.

I feel like it was easy to learn.  Within the first 20-30 minutes, I knew how to belay and was also able to get myself to the top of some of the easier climbs.  We tried some harder ones next, and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment to reach the top.  I tried a little bouldering, but WOW is it all about the upper body.  And mine is sad.  Finally, we were trying some harder climbs, but by then I was worn out and was only getting halfway up before having to drop down.

All in all, it was a really fun 2.5 hours, and I can't wait to go back a few more times.  Do I think I'll get into it and need to do it all the time? No.  But is it fun and something I'd maybe go do from time to time now after my pass expires?  Definitely.

I also realized it'd be a fun date night, should you need a date idea.

I'm not easily bored, but I do think sometimes I need to try something new.  I think that's why sometimes with running I care less about PRs and more about trying things like the Goofy or a Ragnar Relay. 

Something I'm currently considering?  Running an ultra relay.  One van. Six runners.  No non-active van break.

Yep.  Ultra.  I said it.

Still brewing, but something about trying this new thing last night has me itching to try new things in running as well.

This post got long.  The point is - TRY NEW THINGS!

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abbi said...

When I went to MTSU, I wouldn't even go in the rec center at all because I didn't want to look out of place. :) If you enjoyed the regular relay, I bet you would definitely love the ultra version. I did one last year on an ultra team. It was definitely fun and I enjoyed it but I don't think the relay thing is exactly for me so I don't think I'd do one again.