Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I did something that I wouldn't have fathomed a few years ago...

I allowed by subscription to Runner's World expire.

It's not that I don't enjoy reading it.  There are often some pretty interesting feature articles in there, and I like being clued in to new websites that might be usual to me.

I definitely think it's an excellent resource for relatively new runners, but I started to feel like it was the same information and it just wasn't relative to me anymore.  Plus, a lot of the content is on their website for free. :)

The thing is that I like the training plans and strategies I use.  I like the gear that I use.  I never found any of their food information especially applicable to my lifestyle.  And if I do want to find something new?  Well, there's the internet.

It's a great magazine, and I would recommend it to anyone just learning about running or getting into it, but I just wasn't finding it all that applicable to me any more.

So I let the subscription expired and saved some money.  It felt good.  And I haven't missed it the past couple of months.


Tasha said...

Unfortunately for the magazine business, everything seems to be online! Do you get those updates from the active dot com website? I love that site. They send little nutrition articles, racing guides, training suggestions, injury prevention ideas, and more. I'm addicted to that site and it's the only junk mail that I look forward to. Ha! said...

I agree the article seem very repetitive. I started the Women's Running Magazine and find it more interesting than the Runner's World.

Erin said...

I've wondered about this for Runner's World (though I have never been a subscriber, but constantly receive copies of my dad's subscription to it once he's done reading) because I, too, find all the information a little receptive.

Good for you for saving some money on the subscription. And if one of their new copies happens to have something new, you can go out and splurge and get yourself a copy. Not too bad at all.