Friday, July 13, 2012

Florida Vacation

I spent the first week of June down in Tampa, FL at the condo on Indian Shores beach that my family goes to each summer.  This year our pseudo-cousin Jessica joined us (pseudo because she's not actually related to us, but she and her family are as close as family), and Meredith's boyfriend Nathan was able to spend most of the week with us as well.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and/or rainy most of the week.  There was one sunny day when we went to the water park, and then there were a few times we were able to go out on the beach... but it was mostly just gloomy.

Nonetheless, we still had a fun week.  It was great to be away from real life - though I did still get some work done while I was there.  It's awesome that I now have a job I love and thus don't mind doing some work even when I'm away.

We went to Busch Gardens one day.  It was super cloudy, but it didn't really rain so it was perfect.  We had a blast riding rollercoasters and seeing the animals.

We ate a lot of good meals and enjoyed treats like ice cream, margaritas, and donuts throughout the week.

All in all, it was a really nice getaway even though we didn't really get sunny beach time!

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Looks like a really nice vacation with really nice people. Good for you!!