Sunday, July 1, 2012

Insanity Week 1

So I'm doing Insanity... like, for real.

I started out this week and plan to follow the program through as best as I can.  I know there are going to be some days where I just can't do the workout.  I've decided that I won't try to make it up or skip over it... if I miss a day, I'll just pick up the next day with the one I missed and keep moving forward.  I don't think it matters if I do Thursday's workout on Friday and then get a day behind the calendar.

Thoughts from the first week?

It's definitely a good workout!  I know it's working because I am dripping sweat by the end and am pretty sure I am sore all the time.

I did the fit test on Monday, and even that was a tough workout!

I was thankful when I got around to recovery day.  That DVD was still a challenge, but it was a nice break.

I also ran twice this week in addition to the work outs, and I'm already off a day because I didn't have time to do one of them one day. 

It's been in the 100s the past few days (we set an all-time record high of 109 on Friday!) so it's nice to feel like I have a hardcore workout I can do when it's way too hot to go for a run.

I'm going to keep it up and see what happens.  It's definitely too soon to see any progress (other than my sore muscles that tell me something is working!), but I'm looking forward to see how things go in the coming weeks.

I feel like it's going to be a great way for me to get stronger before I start amping up my training for the 50K in October!


MsPolkaDotz said...

heyy, thanks for the reply.. there's normally a blogger button I can click so I can add you in my dashboard.. anyhow, I don't why it's nowhere to be seen. your blog is uber nice! will definitely keep checkin ur insanity updates Immabout to start mine tomorrow.. secretly dreading it! lolz .. I'm sure it'll be fine x

MsPolkaDotz said...

ooh.. managed to figure out how to add ya.. that's sorted then! =) said...

Wow, good job on doing insanity! This is a tough workout and making it through the first week with only 1 missed workout is amazing!!