Monday, July 16, 2012

Insanity Week 3

I managed to get through my third week of doing Insanity.

Due to life, I'm still not quite following it as closely as the calendar suggests.  In the 3 weeks, I've done 14 of the workouts since I've had to not do one a few days here and there.

The biggest thing I've noticed after 3 weeks is that it seems like my endurance and speed on the moves is improving.  I'm finding that I am having to take less breaks to catch my breath, and I'm able to do more.  I consider this a success!

I did the fit test again when I got to that day, which was at the end of the week.  I managed to get a tiny bit better on all of the moves in the test.  It wasn't a lot, but I think even getting a few more of the moves was still improvement.

I am continuing to run here and there while I am doing this.  I definitely find that it's tiring to do the workout and a run in the same day, but as long as I keep listening to my body and take the extra rest days when I need it then I think I'm fine.  I don't want to overdo it, but I also do want to get serious about getting in shape.

I feel like I can tell that it's already improving my core as well as my leg strength, both of which will be great for the running I plan to do between now and the end of the year.  I have a few fall races lined up. 

I'm also debating making some changes... for example, I'm debating if I can really get in shape to run a 50K between now and October 6th.  I signed up and was all committed, but life has gotten busy and I'm just not sure right now.  I'm trying to not feel pressure to decide something right away, but I do want to sleep on it and make a decision soon.  I am considering just switching to the 11-miler that takes place the same day on the same trails, but we shall see.

2 comments: said...

Good job with sticking to the insanity workouts. I hear they are really tough!

Kels Anne said...

hi! i just started my running blog, if you have tips, let me know :)