Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insanity Weeks 4 and 5

I have really appreciated knowing who all is still out there!  Thanks for letting me know!

Just wanted to give a quick update on how the past 2 weeks of Insanity have gone.  I got a little off track because I spent a few days traveling for work up to Chicago (post about the half marathon I ran there to come), but I keep just moving along the Insanity plan on the days I can.

I am definitely continuing to see an improvement in my endurance and speed for the moves, but I continue to sweat like crazy and feel worn out when I'm done.

My sister said she can tell it's toning up my tummy when she saw a picture I posted on Facebook of me in a sports bra after a race.  I can't say I SEE that difference yet, but we are our own worst critic.

However, I was wearing a tank top the other day (which is not new since it's been crazy hot here this summer) and glanced in the mirror and was like, "WOW! My arms look really good!" So I definitely am seeing a change there.

I'm about to start amping up my running and doing more long runs since that 50K is only 2 months away now, so I anticipate not being able to do the workout on the days I have a hard run.  I am almost to the halfway point, so I'll be curious to see how things go when I switch to the DVDs for month two!

So far, I am definitely feeling like it's making me stronger... so I'm determined to keep it up!

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Good job! Strength training is for some reason really tough for me. I always find a reason not do it.