Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Back in May, some friends and I tried out Mangia here in Nashville.

It's interesting to explain to other people.  Mangia isn't an actual restaurant location.  Mangia happens in a building that is normally the Cool Cafe.  This awesome chef, Nick, comes in to cook for the Mangia experience.  And an experience it is!

We had a group of 30, and it took us 2 months to get a reservation.  You get a reservation by emailing Nick to ask for one.

We all arrived, and everyone is seated at 8pm.  It's BYOB for a small cork fee.

Over the course of the four and a half hours we were there, we had 4 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pastas, 3 entrees, 1 vegetable and 2 desserts!  You pay one flat rate for the meal and get to try every single thing.

I was seated with a few close friends, and we ended up laughing so hard over various things as we talked and shared stories over the meal.

There is lots of music throughout the evening.  Here, the chef is leading the waitresses in a dance to entertain us.

Later, we were all encouraged to get up and dance. We even pulled chef Nick in on the action.

The below picture is one of my favorite pictures from the night.  It's me with some of my closest friends here in Nashville, and we all had one of the best nights we've ever shared.

Below is my sweet friend Erin who orchestrated the whole outing.

I don't even know how to describe how much fun we had.  The food was absolutely amazing, and I tried everything!  The menu changes with each season, so we are going to try to plan to go back soon to try out the summer menu.  It was fun to take four hours to eat and drink and be merry.  I loved dancing with my friends, and just having dinner be a complete experience instead of just rushing through a meal to get on with something else.

I can't wait to go back!

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dreambigrunner.com said...

Never heard about it but looks like A LOT of fun! Good for you :)