Monday, July 2, 2012

Wrecking Crew Wedding

I've been terrible about not blogging about some of the fun stuff that's gone on over the last month or so.  I'm determined to catch up!

SO.  About a month ago, I traveled up to Canada for my dear friend Amanda's wedding.  She and my friend Steph are the gals who were nicknamed the Wrecking Crew back in 2007, and we still like to jokingly call ourselves that despite getting older and having much calmer Wrecking Crew reunions.

I met up with Steph and her hubby in Toronto, and then we made the 3-hour drive to Port Cunnington Lodge.  But first!  No Canadian vacation is complete without a stop for some Tim Horton's coffee.

We made it to the lodge and got settled in.  There were five of us who came from the states and found ourselves in a cabin together.  It wasn't long before we made it to dinner and were reunited with Amanda.

Friday night was spent playing darts and having a dance party in the rec room since it was pouring down rain.  It was still kind of cold and rainy on Saturday, so the morning and early afternoon was pretty low key.

Fortunately, the rain cleared a bit and we were able to have the ceremony outside as planned.  Amanda made a beautiful bride!

I am so happy for Amanda and Nick as they start their married life together.

Dinner was amazing, and then we all had a blast tearing up the dance floor for the rest of the night!

These are my two best girls, and my life is more fulfilling because of them.  I am so thankful to have them in my life and to be able to celebrate some of life's biggest moments together.  With both of them married off, I'm the last one left. :)

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Looks like you guys had a blast! Fun!