Saturday, August 4, 2012

Insanity/Running Update

So I only did Insanity once this week.


Things were busy, and I'm finally running more... which is kind of the main thing I need to be doing anyways.  So there was only time for one Insanity workout since I'm not doing it on days I run any more and because I'm also trying to make sure I have a true rest day or two. 

Honestly?  I've been exhausted lately, and I think it's because I've been overdoing it.

And the heat.  Heat is super draining, and even just being out in the heat not running has worn me down a few days.  I had to measure the course for the 5K I am planning at work one day, and after taking over an hour to walk the route and make all my notes in 95 degrees, I decided that was all the physical activity I was doing that day.

I'm trying to make sure I'm really listening to my body and doing the workouts and runs, but also not to the point that I'm doing too much... because eventually that would defeat the purpose.

Nonetheless, I hope to get my schedule a bit more balanced this week so that I can work through a few more Insanity days.  I am definitely feeling my core get stronger, so I want to keep it up.

Meanwhile, I ran the red AND the white trail at Percy Warner yesterday morning... my first time to do that!  It ended up being at 7 miles that took me about 1.5 hours with my friend.  My body felt pretty good, but the humidity was NUTS and I was getting a little lightheaded a time or two.

I also was very aware the entire run that I hated my shoes.  I had bought trail shoes at Fleet Feet a few weeks ago, and every time I've run in them I've felt like they were too big.  I was certain about a mile into the run yesterday that they were both too big and very uncomfortable.  My feet HURT at the end, and I was confident it was the shoes.

So I took them back. After spending some time with one of the employees who also does a fair amount of trail running, I left with something completely different.  They felt much better even jogging down the sidewalk outside the store, so I'm hopeful they will be much better on the trails.

I intended to get up this morning and meet some friends for a long run, but my body just ached when I got out of bed.  I think it is from the 7 miles in the wrong shoes... my feet hurt, my joints hurt, etc.  So I skipped the run, deciding I need to let my body recover a bit.

I've got 2 months til the 50K.  I have definitely got to start getting some longer runs in, but I feel like I am on track so far.  My body is feeling very fit, and I want to make sure I don't get too crazy and hurt myself.

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