Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mammoth Cave

A few weeks ago, several friends and I drove up to Kentucky and spent the day on a tour in Mammoth Cave.  We grabbed some breakfast, and then hit the road with some coffee and good tunes to make the two-hour drive.

I had been once when I was quite small... I have a very vague memory of eating a candy bar in the concession room and sitting there when they turned out all the lights, but otherwise I don't remember much.  So it seemed like it was time to go again.

We made good time, so we had to stop for some silly pictures with the national park sign.

We had booked the 4 1/2 hour Grand Avenue tour.  We didn't take a ton of pictures since it's pretty hard to get good ones inside a cave, but we got to see a lot of different caverns and tunnels and formations.  It was all really neat.  And it was like 60 degrees in there.  Part of why we decided to do this was because it'd be a nice break from summer heat!

A short bit into our tour, we got to stop in one cavern that is set up like a cafeteria (the one I have the memory of from when I was three and went there with my parents) for lunch.  We are pretty sure this menu hasn't changed in years.

We got to hear a lot about the history of the cave and hear some neat stories about people who have explored it and such.  We did manage to get 1-2 pictures to turn out of some neat formations.

When we got back out of the cave, we checked out some info on the old railroad company that used to bring visitors to the cave.  A friend managed to snap this neat picture... I told her it was as if she Instagrammed it without the app!

It definitely made for a fun Sunday summer activity!  We grabbed some dinner in Bowling Green and then made our way back to Nashville.  We're thinking about going back sometime and doing the spelunking tour - it seems like it would be neat!

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