Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nashville Junior Chamber Gala

Several weeks ago, two new friends I've met through trail running invited me to join them for the Nashville Junior Chamber Gala.

I'm all for getting to dress up and have some fun at an event with food, drinks and dancing... so I bought a ticket and found a dress to wear.

I had not heard of the Junior Chamber, but I quickly found out it's a lot of Nashville young professionals.  I'm considering joining the group, but for now it was fun to get out and meet some of them at a fun event.  Everyone just seemed super fun and nice!

We went to a pre-party at one of the member's homes and had some yummy chips and guac from a local burrito place before heading downtown to the event at The Standard.  I've never been there before as it's the kind of restaurant that is way out of my price range, but it was neat to get to be there in one of the event rooms.  It's just a cool old building.

We had a great evening just hanging out and getting to know other people like us from Nashville.  I love it that I have made new friends recently through activities that I enjoy, and that it has also led to me doing neat things like this that I may not have done.

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