Saturday, September 29, 2012

Race Report: Tap N Run 4K August 11, 2012

Back in August, a few friends and I decided we'd run in the first ever Tap N Run 4K here in Nashville.  The idea just sounded too fun to pass up: run in costume, only run 4K, and drink beer at the start, 4 chug stations and at the finish.

We got together a few weeks before and decided we wanted to run as beer pong... so then we spent a fair bit of time making costumes.

The end result was pretty awesome.

We had a terrific time together, and our costumes were a big hit.  I felt famous!  As we walked downtown to the race, people on the street were stopping to stare and take pictures.  When we got to the race, everyone else running loved our costumes and kept coming up to take pictures with us.  Super fun.

As for the race?  Well... they could use some help in organizing it.  We started well over 30 minutes late, which was VERY annoying.  All of the beer stations were clogged and we'd stand and wait a good 5 minutes each time to get our beer.  And at the finish?  They dragged out the awards for costumes... like, spent 30 minutes on the best "short sorts" and then another 30 minutes on the best mustache.  We finally gave up on trying to be in the best costume contest because it was taking so long.  We were hungry and ready to go eslewhere to eat and drink.

Will I do it again?  No.  But it was definitely a blast to do it once, even though the race was poorly executed.  It was just great to do something like this with fun friends and enjoy getting out in costumes and such.

2 comments: said...

Hahahaha, what an awesome costume!! Was it comfortable to run in? To bad it was so poorly organized.

Laura said...

That is the coolest costume EVER! I love it :)