Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wilson County Fair

So the Tennessee State Fair pretty much sucks.  I've only been once, and it was the same summer I had also been to the Texas State Fair.  I was really unimpressed.

Over the past few years, there's been more and more talk about how awesome the Wilson County Fair is around here.  I never really went to fairs or carnivals growing up, and I was itching to check it out.

On a Friday night, my family met up with some close friends and their kiddos for a fun night at the fair.  We ate all sorts of yummy food (pizza on a stick! lemonade! fried cookie dough! blackberry cobbler!).  We rode all sorts of rides (that my parents used to tell me weren't safe to ride.  I suppose we've all gotten over those fears as we've gotten older.)  We walked around and watched people and saw animals and got nipped at by a camel.

And it was a blast watching the kids play and enjoy the rides.  I may not be ready for my own children, but it can definitely be fun hanging out with my friends who have kids and playing with them!

If you live around here and ever have a chance to go to the Wilson Co. Fair, do it!

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