Monday, October 29, 2012

Race Report - The Middle Half 10.13.12

For the 6th year in a row, I ran in my favorite half marathon in middle TN - The Middle Half in Murfreesboro, TN.

I have run in this race every year that they've had it, and I fully intend to keep the streak alive.  My half marathon PR is from this race, but the past few years I've run it mostly for fun.  Since I ran my first trail race at Stump Jump the week before, I just wanted to take it easy and enjoy the race.

My mom and my friend Erin were going to walk the race together, and my sister and I decided we would run together.

We also found my cousin Amy at the start, so we set out with her as well.  I love running through Murfreesboro and around MTSU as it brings back a ton of memories from my four years in school there.  The weather was perfect - not too hot, not too cool.  I love how there are a couple of small out and backs on the course - I spotted friends Amy and Andrea along the way as well as some old high school and college friends.

We kept a pretty gentle 10:00 minute/mile pace.  Somewhere around mile 8 the 3 of us split up a bit.  I was feeling fine, and I started picking it up a little bit in the last mile.  I spotted some friends from my Ragnar team toward the end, and we ran it in together.

I ran a 2:09, which I was totally pleased with considering I haven't been training all that well lately and had just raced a tough race the week before.  We had to wait for mom and Erin to finish walking, so we grabbed some food and enjoyed socializing with everyone.

Mom and Erin did great and finished walking in about 3:50! It was mom's second time to walk a half, so we were super proud of her.

I always recommend this race to folks because the course is flat, the weather is usually good, the medals are always nice (though I was glad to see they changed the design a bit as they were tending to all sort of look the same, just in different colors), and they do a long-sleeve Brooks tech shirt that is nice.

My only pet peeve this year was that the women's shirts were hot pink and the men's were red.  Not all women like pink!  And I'm ok if you do pink, but then they ALL need to be pink.  I ended up trading my shirt out for a men's red... which doesn't fit quite as well as a women's shirt, but I just couldn't handle the hot pink.

Anyways, I digress.  Another great Middle Half this year!

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I totally agree on the shorts. I have so many pink shirts, I wish they would have white shirts or red or yellow. Anything but pink! :) This race looks like a lot of fun, especially since you know so many people. Good for you!!