Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Race Report: Flying Monkey Marathon 11.18.12

On the 18th, I ran in the Flying Monkey Marathon here in Nashville at Percy Warner Park for the third year in a row.

I haven't really trained for a marathon, so running this race was sort of foolish... but you run this race because you love running, so I figured I could eek it out and have some fun.

It was pretty cold in the morning before the race, but it promised to be a gorgeous day as the temps rose a bit.  It was fun catching up with friends and hanging out before the race.

I love that there are a ton of Marathon Maniacs at this race.  It's always fun to take a group picture.

I knew that I needed to take it pretty easy if I wanted to do this race.  I seriously have not run more than 13 miles as a long run this entire calendar year.

My friend Liz and I started the race together and got to chat and catch up.  We walked up the big hills and otherwise kept a steady pace.  Our friend Amy hopped in with us for a few miles early in the race, and it was super awesome to have her company for a bit.  A little later, Liz's boyfriend joined us for a few miles.

Liz and I stayed together until about mile 15 when I told her to take off.  I knew she was in much better shape than me!  I managed to run a lot until mile 20 when I started doing more of a run/walk... I definitely didn't run up any hills!

I chatted with folks and enjoyed the beautiful day as I took it easy and pushed toward the finish.

Before long, I was done and had completed the race in 4:52:23 - a couple of minutes faster than when I ran it last year in the pouring rain!

I had some chocolate milk and socialized with a few friends who were at the finish.

I also got a 10 minute massage - I think this made a huge difference in keeping me from being too sore.

I went home and napped before we joined a bunch of other runners for pizza and beer at Mafiaoza's that night.

I definitely enjoy this race, but I'm not so sure I'll run it again.  It is definitely tough, but then again... I did sore of go out there and run it with very little training.

I was pretty sore on Monday, but by Tuesday I felt good to go!


Laura said...

Looking good in the Maniac jersey!

dreambigrunner.com said...

Congrats!!! You did awesome, especially considering you didn't really train for it!

Love to Run said...

Congrats on your third Monkey. What a great race that is! I can't wait to make a second appearance there someday in the future. I absolutley love the course and the scenery. Nice Run!