Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Race Report - The Nashville Color Run 10.21.12

Last month, several friends and I ran in The Color Run here in Nashville.  I know this race series has gained popularity this year, but if you're not familiar with it then the jist is you where white, and you run through color stations where they throw color on you.

Here's our group BEFORE picture. We called our team Lisa Frank and the Stickers!

The race is a 5K, and it is not timed.  You just run for fun! We laughed and joked and walked and ran and just enjoyed it. It was actually a gorgeous day in Nashville, and it was such a blast to do something like this with friends.

Here's what it looked like running into a color station.

We stopped along the way for pictures. 

And here is our group AFTER picture.  Maybe you can tell why we went with the Lisa Frank theme for our team name?

One of the things you do after the race is gather in a group and everyone throws their personal packets of color in the air.  A friend caught this picture of what it looked like from the pedestrian bridge.

We hung around for a little bit, and then Adam and I walked over to the Municipal Auditorium for church.  I sometimes go to Crosspoint, and they were having a special 10-year anniversary service with all locations gathering in one place.  It was pretty awesome.  And one of the things I love about this church is that people were excited to see us coming all covered in bright colors!  And the service ended with a picnic in the park with all the food trucks.  Definitely an awesome day!

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