Thursday, November 15, 2012

So I Caved...

I bought a Garmin.

I've never felt the need to have one before.  I was fine to just use a basic stopwatch.  And a lot of my friends I run with have them and could let me know splits if I really wanted to know.  And they were expensive.  And mostly? They were so big, and I have tiny wrists.  Like, super tiny.

I also never really felt the need to know all the facts and numbers and details.  I worried it'd take the fun out of running.

But the folks with Garmins?  We're all in different seasons right now and don't run together as often.  We're still friends of course, but the group runs are a little less frequent.  And the people I do run with regularly don't have one either.

And I started running trails and am really getting into that and see myself doing more trail races.... and it's hard to know how far you've run out there.

And I discovered they new Forerunner 10 was MUCH smaller.  And only $130.  And came in green.

So I bought one.

And I love it.  I don't obsess over the times or anything like that, but it has been really nice to hear the beep when I hit each mile so that I can keep up when I'm on the trails.  It was also SUPER helpful when I was running the Ragnar Relay this past weekend (race report to come) as they don't have mile markers.  When it's 3am and you're tired and running over 5 miles, you sort of want to know how far you've gone and have left.

I'm pretty happy.  I totally recommend this one.  It's super user friendly, it's not like wearing a garage door opened on my arm, and it's easy to download everything so I can see the stats.

Yay Garmin!

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I LOVE having a Garmin, it's the best running relating item I ever bought! It is also a great motivator :)