Monday, January 21, 2013

Setting Up House

I headed up to Indy on Friday afternoon to join Adam in doing as much as we could to get the new house organized before he started work today.

We were both not feeling it by the time I got there, so we got some dinner and then did some comparison shopping around town for a few things we wanted to get for the house.  It was nice to just go to our home and relax with him a bit.

Then we hit the ground running on Saturday... we managed to get his son's room squared away as well as the kitchen... and we also got all the rest of the boxes opened and everything to the room they needed to go in.  By the time we headed out to dinner, we were pleased with all we had accomplished.

Sunday morning we knocked out as much as we could in our bedroom and bathroom before decided on a whim to drive to Cincinatti to go to IKEA.  It's less than a two-hour drive, and we ended up spending several hours wandering around.  We picked out some items (and daydreamed about getting a king bed when we get married in August) and headed back to the house.  Then we decided on another whim to go to Target at 9pm to get a few things we'd seen there the night before.

I continued working on a few things when we got home, and he assembled the IKEA shelf we got for the guest bath and then started working on the cabinet we got at Target for our bath room.

When I left this morning, the house was still in a bit of disarray... the office is not together at all, and we still have all the decor and pictures stacked in a corner waiting to be placed and hung.  And our couch won't be delivered til Saturday...

But we accomplished a ton and I realized that it really felt like our home... it was a lot of work, but it was also surprisngly fun to put together our home.

Oh, and to clean out even more stuff!  We had a pretty successful yard sale here in TN (thanks to our moms), and we've cleaned out even more to have another one in Indy!

I'm pooped, but I still managed to get most of my stuff organized where I'm living for a bit here in Nashville.  I still have a few more things to do before I feel settled here, but it's coming along.

Life is definitely sort of a whirlwind right now, but in a really good and crazy fun way.

Oh, and I'm getting back on the fit train tomorrow.  It's time to get my nutrition back in line and start working out again!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Indy Update (Among Other Things)

As I write this, I am in bed at my parent's house and Adam is at our new house in Indianapolis where he pretty much only has an air mattress, blanket and case of water.

We managed to Get Sh*t Done this weekend.
  • Saw 11 houses
  • Picked a house
  • Signed a lease and got the keys
  • Did an inspection and noted all the things we want maintenance on
  • Took care of the water/electric/sewage/etc.
  • Scheduled for Comcast to come hook things up for tv and internet
  • Bought a TiVo (this is what happens when you're getting married apparently... the Comcast DVR will only record 2 shows, and I was informed that won't cut it for us)
  • AND the big purchase was that we bought a couch
Then we came back to Nashville....
  • I've been working
  • The movers packed everything at Adam's and it is being transported to Indy
  • Adam drove up to Indy today to be there for delivery tomorrow
  • I go up Friday-Monday to try to get everything unpacked and organized
  • I come back and finally unpack at my cousin's place so I can feel like I live there for a while
I am still exhausted.

Oh, and we also confirmed our photographer and booked a videographer for the wedding, so now I'm taking care of asking my bridesmaids to be in the wedding and scheduling appointments to try on wedding gowns.

And next weekend I take Adam's little boy and mom up to Indy to see the new place.

I've literally been living out of a suitcase for a month now.

But I have to say... it's a pretty fun and exciting adventure.  So I'm not complaining... just a little surprised at how well we've been knocking things out.  I like to hope it's a really good sign for our marriage that it seems we handle all this stuff really well.  Like picking the couch... we went to 3 stores, sat on a few couches, and then just decided on one.

I'm hoping finding my wedding gown will be that easy for me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting Things Started

So I haven't run since December 1st.  I did Insanity for about a week and a half in mid-December.  And then my world turned upside down with the trip to NYC, the engagement, the holidays, and now starting off the year with work and wedding planning.

And a move.

Adam has accepted a job for a company just outside of Indianapolis, and things have been moving quickly.

This weekend, we moved me entirely out of my apartment.  Some of my stuff went to my cousin's condo where I will be renting a room from him for a bit.  The rest of my stuff went to Adam's place so that it can go on and be moved to Indy with him by the movers.

This weekend we go to Indy to find a place to live, and next weekend we go to Indy to unpack everything when the movers get it there.

To say I'm exhausted right now is an understatement, but it's definitely all very exciting.

I won't move up there for a few months, and we'll be doing the long distance thing for a bit.  I'm excited for him that he has found a great job, even though it's hard on both of us to be leaving Nashville.  However, he should be able to transfer to the company's Nashville office after 2 years, give or take, so that helps!

In the meantime, we have gotten some wedding planning done.  I'm determined to not be "all wedding all the time" on here, but it is sort of a big deal right now.

We have decided to get married on August 9th at a really cool old wool mill that has been converted into event space.  It's going to be really pretty - lots of Italian white string lights, brick walls and old, wooden doors.

I attended a bridal fair this weekend (which was surprisingly fun), and we think we found our photographer.  We also intend to talk to a couple of videographers and djs I met there and decide on both of those things.

So stuff is coming along!

Once we get him moved next week, it's time for me to get my butt in gear.  I've gained about 10 pounds without realizing it until I managed to realize it.  I think it's a sign that I am 100% truly happy these days, but it also makes me unhappy to be a bit pudgy and soft in my middle.  So I'll be getting myself running (and training for the two half marathons I'm running for fun in March with my job) and doing Insanity regularly so I can trim up.

And then stay trimmed up... homegirl wants to look great in her wedding gown!