Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Indy Update (Among Other Things)

As I write this, I am in bed at my parent's house and Adam is at our new house in Indianapolis where he pretty much only has an air mattress, blanket and case of water.

We managed to Get Sh*t Done this weekend.
  • Saw 11 houses
  • Picked a house
  • Signed a lease and got the keys
  • Did an inspection and noted all the things we want maintenance on
  • Took care of the water/electric/sewage/etc.
  • Scheduled for Comcast to come hook things up for tv and internet
  • Bought a TiVo (this is what happens when you're getting married apparently... the Comcast DVR will only record 2 shows, and I was informed that won't cut it for us)
  • AND the big purchase was that we bought a couch
Then we came back to Nashville....
  • I've been working
  • The movers packed everything at Adam's and it is being transported to Indy
  • Adam drove up to Indy today to be there for delivery tomorrow
  • I go up Friday-Monday to try to get everything unpacked and organized
  • I come back and finally unpack at my cousin's place so I can feel like I live there for a while
I am still exhausted.

Oh, and we also confirmed our photographer and booked a videographer for the wedding, so now I'm taking care of asking my bridesmaids to be in the wedding and scheduling appointments to try on wedding gowns.

And next weekend I take Adam's little boy and mom up to Indy to see the new place.

I've literally been living out of a suitcase for a month now.

But I have to say... it's a pretty fun and exciting adventure.  So I'm not complaining... just a little surprised at how well we've been knocking things out.  I like to hope it's a really good sign for our marriage that it seems we handle all this stuff really well.  Like picking the couch... we went to 3 stores, sat on a few couches, and then just decided on one.

I'm hoping finding my wedding gown will be that easy for me!

1 comment: said...

Wow, you are super woman! You did a lot this weekend! I found my dress by accident, I didn't cry, but I knew it was the one :) Good luck!!