Thursday, March 28, 2013

Honeymooning in Italy

It's been decided and booked.

Adam and I are going to take the dream trip for our honeymoon and go to Italy!

We've both always wanted to go, but at first we thought it was a bit too big of a trip to try to plan right now.  First, we talked about just doing a mini-moon and taking a long weekend to go to Colorado or something along those lines.  Then, we talked about going to a Sandals resort for a week, but we found out to do the one we liked it would cost almost as my last trip to Europe!  So we sat down one night, sent out some request for quotes from various travel agents, and now here we are all booked!

We start out by leaving the day after the wedding and flying to Venice.

After one full day and night in Venice, we hop a train to Florence for 3 nights.  We plan to explore the city, and we'll probably also take a train over to Pisa for a few hours to see the famous leaning tower and take the typical tourist photos with it.

While in Florence, we are also going to take a day and do a bike tour through Tuscany.  We'll get to to go to a castle, do a wine and oil tasting, have lunch out in the countryside, and just explore on bike.

Next, we will spend 2 nights in Rome.  We are going to take a tour of the Colleseum and the Vatican, but otherwise we will just wander around and explore the city.

To wrap up the trip, we will spend 2 nights on the Amalfi Coast in Positano.  It should be gorgeous!

We then spend one last night in Rome before flying back home.

We couldn't be more excited, and I wish it was time to go right now!  Neither of us are really "lay on the beach all week" kind of people, so we're thrilled that we're getting to go somewhere together that we've both always wanted to go.  It's going to be so fun to explore these cities together.  We feel like we've planned a good itinerary of being able to do some sightseeing, but also some relaxing.  We're staying in some nicer hotels (the one in Positano has an ocean view), and we've only booked a few tours.  We really just want to explore and take it in as we wander around.

I can't wait!  It feels so good to have this planned and marked off the to do list!  I am so glad we worked with a travel agent, too.  She got us some great deals, and it really took off the pressure of having to plan it all ourselves when we have so much other stuff going on right now!

Now to get the rest of the wedding planning done!

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Marianna said...

Ahhh, you'll love it! I've been to the places you mentioned except the Amalfi Coast - all so different and amazing in their own ways. Just be sure to travel super-duper light when in Rome - crazy pick-pocketers. Let me know if the Roman subway still looks like a train to hell (ugly graffiti + nastiness all around).