Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Odds and Ends

Updates on my life via Sections and Bullets!  Haha.

  • I'm pretty much in Indy full-time now.  It's so nice to feel settled, though I've still got a few projects on the list of some things to finish organizing here now that the rest of my stuff is moved up.
  • It has been warming up!  Adam and I were able to run outside in a t-shirt and shorts last week.  It's by no means warm, but it's at least not ridiculosuly cold.
  • I've been learning my way around a bit better - I've managed to successfully run all errands I needed to run in the past week or two.
  • I've also been cooking dinner for us a lot.  This is both saving us money and helping us to eat a little better!  And we usually have leftovers for Adam to take to work the next day for lunch.
  • We had one of our tastings last weekend, and we were very impressed!  We still have a tasting with another caterer, but then we'll be able to make all the final decisions about who to use, what to order, etc.
  • Once we do that, we're also going to order our cake!
  • We're starting to figure out what we want our invitations to say and how we want them to look so that we can get that all to our awesome designer Matt and get those done in the next month or so in order to get them ordered on time.
  • My flower girls now have dresses!  Their mom found them something at Macy's that is PERFECT!
  • My mom is hard at work on decor - it's going to be amazing.
  • I also found the fake flowers for all of the wedding party.  They look real and saved a ton of money!
  • We are doing our engagement photos in a few weeks, and trying on clothes to figure out what to wear has just made me unhappy.  I know I am not fat or anything, but I have not been working out and it is showing.  SO....
  • I am running again!  It's not a lot yet... just doing a mile or so in the neighborhood each day as more of a warm-up for the rest of my workout, but it feels good.
  • I also started Insanity again.  After only 5 days of it, I already just feel better!
  • Now that life feels a bit more settled, I'm determined to make working out a priority again.  I've got a wedding and honeymoon to look good for!


Laura said...

I just started Insanity on Monday! So we're on close to the same schedule :) I'm amazed to find it's not nearly as tough this time around as last time - either I am more fit now or I was a big baby then. That said, I'm INSANELY sore. Hope you're enjoying it!

dreambigrunner.com said...

Looks like it's all moving along very well! Good job!!