Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Musings on Life

To say that life has been a little crazy is an understatement.

Allow me to paint the picture.

Friday - Adam's mom brings Connor to visit for the weekend here in Indy.

Saturday - We have a great day playing outside and having tons of fun and going out to dinner.

Sunday - We have another fun day before Karen and Connor head back to Indy.  Then, Adam and I buy bikes and go for an 18-mile ride.

Monday - We get a 3am phone call telling us Adam's grandfather died.  He goes into work to take care of things, and I work on getting lots squared away so we can leave town.  We pack up and drive to Nashville.

Tuesday - We get up and drive to west TN to Adam's dad's house and spend the day there.

Wednesday - Visitation and funeral.  Drive back to Nashville.

Thursday - Pick up our wedding invitations and both get caught up on some work.  Adam and my parent's go to Connor's pre-K graduation, and I go to my friend's bachelorette party. 

Friday - We have lunch with old friends and then pick up Connor for the weekend.  Dinner with my family and then we go on and walk to explain to Connor that Pop died.

Saturday - We go pick strawberries and then clean up to go to a wedding.  Drop Connor off to spend the night with Karen and we go see Star Trek (it was excellent) before crashing at like 10pm.

Sunday - Brunch gathering with friends and then lunch and ice cream with Karen and Connor.  Then we go get some stuff taken care of for my work event, meet up with some other friends to say hello, and then dinner with the family.

Monday - I work the 5K/10K I've been planning for the non-profit I work for.  Connor has his first race experience handing out water at the water stop with my parents.  Breakfast with friends.  Naps.  Adam heads back to Indy.  We do dinner and I return Connor to his mom's.

Tuesday - I take my engagement ring to the store because one of the small diamonds fell out.  I get a 90-minute massage.  I run other errands and have lunch with a friend.  I drive back to Indy and am asleep within 2 minutes of getting in bed.

Wednesday - The construction people finally come and I listen to them hammer on the side of the house as they replace all the siding that was damaged by hail.  I am tired and cranky, but I get caught up on work again and start doing laundry.  3 loads down so far, probably 2-3 more to go.

It has been nuts.  We've had a lot of fun, but we've also just had some emotional stuff going on with the loss of Pop as well as just general busyness with both of our jobs and expecially the race.

I am so worn out.  I don't even know how we got through it all.  It was SO nice to get back home and feel like we can relax and not live out of a suitcase.

We have ZERO plans this weekend and couldn't be happier about it!

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WOW, I don't know how you do all this!! Your honeymoon can't come soon enough!