Monday, July 29, 2013


I interrupt this "I'm 11 days from the wedding and so insanely busy so there's even less chance I will blog until after the wedding and honeymoon are sadly over" silence to share a "SERIOUSLY?!" moment.

Back in late March, I contacted all 5 of the caterers that our wedding venue allows us to use.  I quickly narrowed it down to 2 based on initial pricing and set up meetings with both of them to discuss things in depth.

One of them - the one I did not select - met with me but then took over 2 weeks to send me a quote. Even then, I had to call her again to ask when I was going to get it.  Then, things on the quote were wrong - they weren't what I'd discussed with them in the meeting.

When I called to discuss it, she acted as though she didn't have time for me and also told me she doesn't usually do tastings.  Weird.  When the call ended, she asked me to email her everything we discussed so that she could send an updated quote.

I had made my mind up before we got off the phone that we were going with the other caterer who had responded promptly, had us sample even more than what we had asked to sample, and was just so stinking nice and actually seemed to value our business.

Nonetheless, I emailed her the info and asked for an updated quote.

That was April 3.

I never heard a word back, which confirmed to me I had made the right choice in hiring the other folks.

This weekend, this lady called and left me a message saying she just wanted to check in and finalize details with me for my wedding next weekend and get the contract and deposit taken care of and to give her a call back.

Ummm... SERIOUSLY?! You waited almost 4 months and then at 13 days before my wedding decide to call me to see if I want to work with you.

I'm currently drafting an email to her (as a reply to the last email so she sees the whole chain) to let her know I got her message this weekend and decided when she never responded to my last email to book someone else back in April.

I mean, WOW.


courtney said...

this COMPLETELY blows my mind. how anyone this clueless ever got onto a list at a venue like that is beyond me. just... wow.

courtney said...

this BLOWS MY MIND. how someone this clueless ever got on the preferred vendors list at a venue like that is BEYOND ME. just... wow. said...

WOW is right, sometimes I wonder how people do business! Good choice on your part!