Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few weeks later...

So what they don't tell you when you're planning your wedding and honeymoon is just how flat out EXHAUSTED you will be when it's done.

Everything was fun and amazing and wonderful and so many other positive adjectives.

But then we got home.  And even after being home for a week, we are still worn out.

Like, I was in tears for NO apparent reason the other night.

It didn't help that 3 days after coming back from Italy we had to make the drive down to Nashville to get both my car and Tucker to bring back to Indy.  To be fair, we also had to get all of the wedding presents as well.  That part was fun.

But 8 more hours in the car in less than 24 hours, and only a few days after flying home from across an ocean and heading straight back to work?  Yea.  Not ideal.

Today is really the first day we have felt more normal... and thus, tonight we are going to Bed Bath and Beyond to make a few returns and to spend our gift cards getting the last few things we didn't receive off of our registry.  I'm excited to get rid of our old bedding and put on the new... and finally have "our" bedding.  (When we moved in together in January we just used all of my bedding... so it's fun we will finally put on something we picked out together.)

Speaking of registries - when you are buying wedding gifts, please buy off of someone's registry.  Even if you don't like what they picked, buy it.  Or give them a gift card to that store.  Or just give them money (it is NOT tacky or poor etiquette to do so.)  I can't tell you how many things we have returned to other stores...  Yes, I'm thankful someone blessed us with a gift, even if it's not what we asked for... but at the same time, I have to encourage readers that if you're going to take the time to pick up a gift, pick up from a store the person is registered at and pick an item on the registry.  If there's no time for that, write a check or get some cash and put it in a greeting card.  We are tired, and while it can be fun to go shopping, it's really not fun going to stores all over town to return items we didn't need from stores we don't shop at.  End rant.

But all in all, everything is lovely.  I had a few friends who went off registry but did so in the right way... we got a couple of personalized gifts that are freaking awesome.  I may have to share photos of those soon.  When you're close friends, it's safe to go off registry I think.

We are excited to be getting the last items we need for our home (and putting a few of the other "bigger" items we didn't get on our Christmas wish list) and getting everything in order.  We're excited to finally be catching up on sleep and finding some time to relax.

And it's good, because we're going back to Nashville yet again this weekend for the Labor Day holiday and to have Connor.  We've got some fun stuff planned with him!

More to come soon, including the sneak peek at my wedding pictures!