Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keeping My Sanity

Adam and I get married in TWO days.  Seriously.

And then we go on our honeymoon for 12 days.

So it'll be a while before you get to hear how it all went...

For now, I wanted to share hwo I'm staying sane.  I've pretty much done everything that can be done, so I'm entertaining myself today with funny videos.

First, Sh*t Southern Women Say.  The accents are pretty exaggeratted, but I am pretty sure I've said every one of these expressions at some point in my life!

The third episode is pretty good, too.  Episode 2 was kind of dumb and must be based on a different south than Tennesee, haha.  Here's episode 3.

And since I'm from Nashville and appreciate great music, I have to share a music video as well.  What's hilarious is that I truly thought it was Mumford and Sons for the first minute and was thinking how I need to send the link to our videographer and tell them how I want this style in our video...

Pretty sure all I'm going to do today until time to pick up my bridesmaids at the airport is play on youtube. :)

See y'all on the flip side.... with a new last name!


courtney said...

To be fair, those accents aren't SO exaggerated in SOME parts of the south. They do sound exaggerated our particular corner of the south, though.

Keri said...

Good luck! Have fun in Italy! I cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about it! said...

BY now you are married and honeymooning. I'm sure it was the best day of your life, even though little things might have gone wrong. Enjoy Italy!!! Looking forward to pictures!