Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's official.  I'm a MRS now.

I don't have many pictures yet, but the above is an Instagram from a friend that gives a little peek into our day.  In a word, the day was a dream!  Everything was perfect (even the things that weren't, like the caterer not bringing napkins and saying they weren't supposed to... you can imagine the words I will have about this with them now that I'm home).  We had so much fun all day - everything from all the getting ready to the pictures (oh, how I can't wait to see the pictures!) to the ceremony and the vows we had written to dancing to leaving under a toss of rainbow sprinkles.

It's funny... we left right away, and we just got back 36 hours ago... so I haven't talked to many people who were there just yet.  I think everyone had just as much fun as we did from the little bit of feedback I've heard.  One friend has gone so far as to dub it "best. wedding. ever."  I will take that.

Then we left the country and went to Italy for almost 2 weeks.  AMAZING.  We had both always wanted to go there, and I'm so glad we did it for our honeymoon.  We decided on the front end that we would not be on the internet or anything.  It was refreshing to leave the phones at home.  I didn't even miss social media.  We did get on the hotel computer once the first night to send both of our mama's an email that we got there (which was funny to me that they insisted on.  I was like, "If we don't make it, it's because the plane crashed and you'll hear about it on the news."  But I digress.

Italy and the wedding both will deserve their own multiple posts, but for now here's a few photos.


Keri said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to read all about it! You look so gorgeous on your wedding day!

Keri said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to read all about it! You look gorgeous on your wedding day! said...

Congratulations!!!! LOve to hear all went well, can't wait for MORE PICTURES!!!