Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wedding Reviews and Stories Forthcoming

Adam and I have been married for about 3 1/2 months now.  CRAZY!

I am finally feeling like I don't have a million things to do anymore.  Like with any event, it's not just over when it's over.  There's a lot of other things to do to sort of wrap everything up and put it in the past.

I've pretty well gone through the list on top of working, traveling and just living our normal lives and all that it requires.  I finally feel like I can breathe and focus on enjoying the holidays and not having quite so many things to accomplish.

There are still a few post-wedding things to actually DO... like, try to figure out from 800 pictures which 75 I want in the album and which ones I want to print (and what size, where to put them, etc.) To say that's a little overwhelming to me is an understatement.  We've had our galleries online for a while, but I'm getting the discs next week so I can actually put them on the computer.  I think this will make it easier for me to just copy the ones I like into a new folder and then narrow it down.  So maybe by Christmas we'll order everything, haha.  We also ordering parent albums, and I want us to write a nice note to both sets to give them with their album... I had aspirations of us writing letters to our parents to give them the day of the wedding, but that didn't happen... So a letter with their album it is!

We are also getting our video next week, and we could not be more excited to get to watch it!  We get quite a few copies, so there will be one for both my parents and Adam's mom, and I think we get some youtube links for like a 2-minute version.  If so, I'll be sure to share it here.

Past that, everything is "done."  All the thank you cards have been sent.  All the lingering bills have been paid (including everything from Italy, too!).  The gifts have been opened and used.  We bought things with gift cards.  And we asked for the remaining registry items from family for Christmas.

At this point, I'm ready to send some feedback to vendors, write some reviews on appropriate review sites, and share some stories from our big day.

I am hoping that not only will it be fun to share a little insight into our wedding with readers that it might also lend to things that are helpful to other brides planning their big day!

Stay tuned!

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