Friday, December 13, 2013

Race Report: Boro Dash 4-Miler

The Boro Dash 4-miler is held in Murfreesboro, TN each year on Thanksgiving morning.  Adam and I decided to sign up (it'd be my third year to run it and his first), and my sister Meredith decided to run as well.

To say it was cold is an understatement.  It was the coldest race I have ever run.  I was so glad it was only 4 miles as I was numb pretty much the whole time.

Adam and I decided to run as part of our goal to run at least one race every month (which we kicked off with this one).  We know most months will be a 5K or something else that is short, but we are planning to do at least two half marathons together in 2014.

We knew we didn't have the training to really push it, so we just focused on trying to run a steady pace and enjoy running in our college town.  It's always going to be special for us to do anything back around MTSU since that's where we met in 2003!

My sister ran crazy fast and scored a PR, and Adam and I finished in around 41:04.  We were pleased with it! Everyone who finished got a medal, so that makes it a bit more worth it that we were out there in the freezing cold on a holiday morning, haha.  We were also thrilled that the shirts were long-sleeved again this year, and they had a really cute turkey on them!

I usually love hanging around at the finish at races in Murfreesboro so I can see friends, but it was just way too cold to do so.  We got our stickers that had our results, and then we made the walk back to the car.

Adam and I had breakfast at IHOP with another couple we are friends with - coffee, bacon, eggs and pancakes were a perfect way to warm up!  I love starting a holiday with a fun race like this, and once again the Boro Dash did not disappoint!

Our next race is a Jingle Bell 5K this Sunday.  We got like 8 inches of snow last week that hasn't really melted since it hasn't been above freezing all week (though it was fun because we had Connor last weekend and he's never seen this much snow!)  We may get more snow tomorrow, so I'm hoping the race won't be cancelled.  If it's not, it's going to be another cold one... I think the high is 21 and the low is 12!

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