Saturday, December 14, 2013

Planning with Pinterest

So I know pretty much everyone out there knows about Pinterest.  And I know people blog about it all the time.

I can't say that it is my cup of tea to be the blogger that does Pinterest projects and then blogs about them.  I am so glad people do, because I find a lot of great stuff that way!

However, on this chilly Saturday on which Adam and I had zero plans but to be lazy and enjoy the snow from our window, I have been spending a fair bit of time on my Pinterest boards...

I have an interesting relationship with Pinterest.  I don't spend hours on it all the time, but maybe 1-2 times a week I'll flip through it for a few minutes before bed and pin things of interest.

Sometimes, I forget about it. But on the days when I decide to sit down and spend some time on it?  I'm always glad I did.

I relied on it a lot this summer when we had Connor for longer stretches of time.  Some of the projects did not take very long, but it gave me a way to break up the days while daddy was at work.  I'd do my work in the morning while he slept and then while he ate breakfast and watched a little tv.  Then we'd go run errands or go to the library or something.  Then we'd do a science project on days we didn't do something like the pool.  It was always fun for him, and everything I found was easy and cheap! We even made our own marshmallow Minions one day thanks to Pinterest!

I actually cook a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest. As Adam and I continue to get settled into married life, I have been trying to cook more often to save us both money and calories!  We have found a lot of our favorites through Pinterest, many of which are super easy (because I don't really want to spend hours making dinner.)

Granted, sometimes we have a big fat fail.  I don't expect what I make to turn out just like the pictures, but I at least want it to taste good.  A few things have just been a flop, so I try to go back and remove them when that happens.

And of course, planning my wedding involved Pinterest.  I used it mostly to make boards that I could show others to communicate what I want.  When I met with the photographers? Showed them my photo board to convey what kinds of shots we wanted.  When I met with the florist? Showed her pictures of what I wanted my bouquet to look like.

I realize I'm not saying anything new, but I did want to encourage you if you're not using Pinterest  very often that it is definitely something worth spending a little more time on!  I think the key for me is to not spend hours on it and to not pin everything under the sun.  If it's nothing something I might actually do or make, I don't pin it.

It just makes me happy when I have days like this where I spend a bit more time on there and discover that I have actually done or made a lot of what I pinned or to meal plan with other pins so I can try new recipes this week.

I won't lie though.... every now and then I sort of miss cutting pictures out of a magazine to make a vision board, haha!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Race Report: Boro Dash 4-Miler

The Boro Dash 4-miler is held in Murfreesboro, TN each year on Thanksgiving morning.  Adam and I decided to sign up (it'd be my third year to run it and his first), and my sister Meredith decided to run as well.

To say it was cold is an understatement.  It was the coldest race I have ever run.  I was so glad it was only 4 miles as I was numb pretty much the whole time.

Adam and I decided to run as part of our goal to run at least one race every month (which we kicked off with this one).  We know most months will be a 5K or something else that is short, but we are planning to do at least two half marathons together in 2014.

We knew we didn't have the training to really push it, so we just focused on trying to run a steady pace and enjoy running in our college town.  It's always going to be special for us to do anything back around MTSU since that's where we met in 2003!

My sister ran crazy fast and scored a PR, and Adam and I finished in around 41:04.  We were pleased with it! Everyone who finished got a medal, so that makes it a bit more worth it that we were out there in the freezing cold on a holiday morning, haha.  We were also thrilled that the shirts were long-sleeved again this year, and they had a really cute turkey on them!

I usually love hanging around at the finish at races in Murfreesboro so I can see friends, but it was just way too cold to do so.  We got our stickers that had our results, and then we made the walk back to the car.

Adam and I had breakfast at IHOP with another couple we are friends with - coffee, bacon, eggs and pancakes were a perfect way to warm up!  I love starting a holiday with a fun race like this, and once again the Boro Dash did not disappoint!

Our next race is a Jingle Bell 5K this Sunday.  We got like 8 inches of snow last week that hasn't really melted since it hasn't been above freezing all week (though it was fun because we had Connor last weekend and he's never seen this much snow!)  We may get more snow tomorrow, so I'm hoping the race won't be cancelled.  If it's not, it's going to be another cold one... I think the high is 21 and the low is 12!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Wedding - The Rehearsal!

On Thursday, August 8th, the girls and I were up early to go get our manicures.  This was one of the things I did for my gals as part of their gift.  It was fun to go together to get it done.  We then headed back home for me to put on my gown one last time to be sure mom had it hemmed perfectly (because my mom is awesome and saved me a ton of money on alterations since she could hem it!).

We went to Cheddar's for lunch and then were able to hang around the house for a bit and relax.  I think the girls took a nap, but I was too excited for that and piddled on some other things.

Before long, it was time to drive over to Lebanon.  Steph and Amanda had hotel rooms since their husbands were joining them that night, so we got them checked in and all got ready for the the rehearsal together.  It was finally time to head to The Mill at Lebanon and see my groom!

I didn't really plan for a lot of time for the rehearsal, and I'm really glad I handled it that way!  I knew I wanted to go over things quickly and then get to the dinner to relax and truly enjoy the evening.  I also knew I would be less stressed if we had less time (I know - that sounds backward, but it forces me to hurry up and do the important stuff.)

I also do a pretty good job at instructing people (Adam calls it "bossing people around") so we quickly got everyone in place and marked their spots with tape. Yes, I realize this is a bit OCD, but it was important to me that we have proper spacing.  I wanted everything to look good!

Once everyone had their spot, we practiced walking out and then walking back in with the music.  I had spent a fair bit of time mapping out exactly when everyone was supposed to walk in - in fact, everyone got a document that told them both the time in the song as well as the lyrics in the song at that time to help them memorize when they were supposed to start down the aisle.  Since I was coming in at the end of the same song, we had to have it perfect!  (Ok, maybe we didn't HAVE to, but it was my vision for us to proceed down the aisle with everyone coming in at specific times, and they all humored me.)

We really only practiced twice, and even though it wasn't perfect I sort of just trusted it would be the next day and that our family friend who was helping would help guide everyone just right!

While a lot of our wedding was not traditional in the least, I do have a penchant for some traditions. One of the ones I grew up learning was that the bride cannot stand in her own place at the rehearsal or it's bad luck.

Melinda was the flower girl in my parent's wedding back in the 1970s, and her daughters were the flowers girls in our wedding - so she was the perfect choice to be the stand in bride for our rehearsal!

You'll also notice the fun bouquet - she used this to be the practice bride.  Another tradition I love is that your rehearsal bouquet is made of the ribbons of the gifts you received at your bridal showers.  My sister and mom did a great job of keeping them and making the practice bouquet. I now have this sitting on my bookshelf in our office!

Speaking of traditions, it's also rumored that for every bow you break when opening your wedding gifts equals one child you will have.  I did a very good job to only break two! :)

After about an hour spent rehearsing, we were all ready to move on the the rehearsal dinner! It was at this point that things got really fun for me.  I knew I had finished all the planning and that at this point, it was time for me to trust that all my hard work would pay off and to just relax and enjoy the rest of the festivities.  After a quick drive around the corner, it was time for dinner!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Wedding - Everyone in Town!

As the first of what will be quite a few posts to share about our wedding, I want to say that if you have no interest in the wedding stuff, never fear!  I have some race reports on the blog posting plan along with a post on the Justin Timberlake concert in Nashville, the one coming up in Indy, and some other odds and ends.  I'm trying to get back to posting regularly, and I'll filter some other stuff in with the wedding posts.

For now, a quick post about Wednesday, August 7th!

Adam had to work for the first 3 days of the week before our wedding.  We went down to Nashville the weekend before, but then he had to leave to drive back to Indy.  I was busy all week getting things done.. like having my hair cut and colored, making seating charts and cards, last minute dress alterations, and a plethora of other last minute things that needed to get done.  And probably also trying not to cry from stress, but that happened some, too.

In fact, I went to Sephora with my mom to try to find some foundation that provides better coverage than what I usually wear.  Long story short, I told the lady I just wanted foundation, and somewhere along the way she criticized the rest of the makeup I was planning to wear for the wedding.  I'm sure she was just doing her job to try to make a sale, but with less than a week to go to my wedding, she made the wrong choice and lost the foundation sale.  I ended up finding what I needed in another store, but not before bursting into tears with my mom and saying something along the lines of "I'm tired of people trying to tell me what to do for MY wedding that I've spent MONTHS planning!"

I digress.

Adam's boss sent him on his way Wednesday afternoon, and he made it down to Nashville in time for us to head to the airport to pick up our two out-of-town wedding party members!

When we got engaged, I had no doubt that I'd ask my sister along with Stephanie and Amanda to stand up there with me.  Long time readers of the blog know that I have been friends with these gals for years, and despite the distance we have always found time to get together whenever we can.

Upon collecting them, we went out to dinner at a place in Nashville that we'd never tried - The Row. The southern far was really good - our cheese plate was flat out exceptional!  The cocktails were not the best, and the service was a little slow... but the place was new and we really didn't care since we were so excited about being altogether for the wedding!

After dinner, we made our way to my parent's house.  I was so excited to show the girls some of the decor for the weddings, their bouquets, etc.  Adam eventually left to go stay at his mom's place, and we all crashed to get some rest for the next day - we had a lot planned with manicures, the rehearsal and the dinner!