Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Wedding - Rehearsal Dinner

After our rehearsal on the evening of August 8, we headed to a restaurant around the corner to enjoy our rehearsal dinner.  Adam's mom is awesome, and she decorated the private room beautifully! We did a very southern buffet meal including chicken, pork, mac and cheese, green beans, potatoes and fudge pie! We also picked out some wine and champagne at Trader Joe's (all with Italian labels since we were heading to Italy for the honeymoon) for everyone to enjoy along with their sweet tea and fruit tea.

We set all the tables up to make a big square so that everyone could see everyone.  Karen made place cards, and I recognized it was my last night as Melanie Blair.

What I liked most was that we planned for this to be a special time for our closest family and friends to celebrate with us.  After we finished our meal, Adam and I gave out some gifts to our wedding party and some other folks who were helping out.  The guys got flasks with their initials on them.  The girls got monogrammed button-down shirts to wear the next day.

We spent the next hour or so allowing everyone the chance to give a toast, share stories, or just whatever they wanted to do.  My sister even wrote an awesome poem for us that was both funny and also made me cry. It was so great to just relax, be excited for the next day and celebrate with everyone.

I love how in the above picture that something made me laugh like this!

Connor even made a small toast!

Connor also enjoyed taking pictures!

Before we knew it, the evening had flown by and we all needed to get some sleep.  The last event of the evening was when we gave Connor his gift.  We had a small box made with his name on it to use as his "treasure box."  We filled it with some fun things, and he has since been using it to keep cards we send him and some other special treasures.  We're hopeful it's something he'll keep even as an adult and that will always be a reminder to him of his role in this big day where we became a family of three!

Adam and I had a few minutes alone before we each headed out - we prayed together and then parted ways to spend the night away from each other before our big day!

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dreambigrunner said...

Great rehearsal dinner! Love Connor's gift, so thoughtful!!!