Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Wedding - Candids from Before the Ceremony

I hope you're not getting tired of the wedding posts just yet.  I still want to share about our decor, and then the ceremony... and then it gets really fun with the reception shots where the REAL party started!

For now, I want to share a few more photos that our photographers at Brown Lab Photography snapped throughout the day that capture some more candid moments.  I love having these glimpses into the activities of the day!

The gals helped to get drinks iced down for everyone to enjoy throughout the day.

Relaxing a bit in the bridal suite.

Amanda having some fun.

Stephanie signing the guest book. 

Connor relaxing a bit with his great aunt before getting changed into his tux.

Adam's mom pinning on his boutonniere.

This shot is from the First Look.  What I love most about it is how Adam is doing his lips... it's something he does when he's nervous.

It was a small feat for me to get down on the floor like this, and an even bigger one for the two photographers and Adam to help me get back up.

Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite

My mom helped me make initialed glasses for those who were there in the morning to have for their mimosas/other beverages.

Our little one being himself as Daddy helps him get ready.  I love that they snapped this!

Sweet kiddos

The flower girls killing some time before the ceremony.

A family friend helping to carry my flowers as we took a few more pictures before the ceremony.

There are so many things I love about this picture. I have no idea when this was taken or what was going on, but I love this incredulous look that all of the girls are giving Tony.

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You had a really good photographer, I love those "in the moment" shots and prefer them over the staged shots. Our photographer was very good at that as well and when I look at our wedding pictures, those not staged ones are the ones I love the most. Those show true feelings and still give me goose bumps, since I feel like I relive the moment.