Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Wedding - The Ceremony

After the slew of pictures all afternoon, we had scheduled a little downtime for everyone to relax a bit. We had some sub sandwiches brought in so we could have some dinner. Before I knew it, it was time to get my veil on and go get married!

This was when my mom finally broke down and started crying.  She said, "but now you're really a bride!"  I had decided to only wear my veil for the ceremony itself, but I did like how I looked like a bride with it on!

We shuffled over from the suite to the main building, and everyone got lined up.  It was sort of a surreal feeling for me... I was so excited, and it was sort of crazy to be down the stairs knowing everything was getting started and everyone was waiting on me to come down the aisle.

Before the ceremony, we had some of our favorite music from artists like Mumford and Sons, Dave Barnes and such playing.  Adam seated both of the moms, and then it was time for the processional!

I love this photo of Adam and Ben (our close friend who performed our ceremony) waiting for everyone to start coming down the aisle.  Adam looks so happy!

Our processional was to "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons.  We wanted for there to be a fun and exciting ambiance, and I encouraged our wedding party to dance down the aisle.  It's easier to see in our video of course, but I was so happy that they all danced and twirled down the aisle and had fun with it! I really love the lyrics to this song, and we felt like it was perfect for describing how we felt about this special day.

Connor was adorable as ever, of course! I am so glad we opted to have him carry this sign (that my awesome mom made).  We felt he was too old to walk down carrying a pillow, and that sort of fru fru stuff just really isn't my thing anyways, haha.

And then my daddy walked me down the aisle to my groom!

Our ceremony was about 20 minutes or so.  We had worked with Ben in advance and written a lot of what we wanted shared, but he also worked up a few parts himself.  Ben knew both of us separately at MTSU, and then he has been a dear friend as we got together and fell in love.

We opted to have the kids sit down after the prayer. Then, Ben shared with everyone a bit of our story - how we met in 2003, how our lives weaved in and out for years, and how we came together in 2012 and fell in love.

We each wrote our own vows, and I'm so glad we did.  I feel like it kept everything very personal and allowed folks who attended that only knew one of us get to know the other person and learn more about our relationship. We also wrote what we wanted to repeat during our ring exchange.  We really went pretty non-traditional on most everything, but I love everything we did.

And before we knew it, we were husband and wife and had our first kiss!

Our recessional was to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band (another favorite that we felt perfectly described how we feel about starting our life together), and we all headed downstairs.  After everyone was escorted out, my amazingly talented friend Courtney played piano and sang "When the Right One Comes Along" from the Nashville soundtrack.  I know that may sound cheesy, but I watch the show and fell in love with that song last year because it perfectly describes how I felt about finding my man after all these years of praying for him to come my way.

We had a few minutes to just sort of chill while everyone upstairs enjoyed the performance.  I love this photo of me bent down talking to Connor.  I think I was asking him if he was looking forward to our dance together at the reception. (He was pretty excited, and we loved seeing how much fun he was having!)

After the performance, we headed back to the crowd to snap some of the needed family photos before the reception. Those are up next!

2 comments: said...

Love all the personalization! We initially were planning on personal vows and then changed last minute. We then wrote each other a love letter and exchanged that right before the ceremony. It felt more personal to us and I felt I can express better how and what I felt.

Melanie said...

Absolutely - no matter how you choose to do it, it's great to find the right place for some personalization!