Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Wedding - The First Look

Once I was ready, the girls helped me walk over to the main building for the first look.  (There was a lot of dress, and I needed help getting around so it didn't get too dirty!)

It was really important to make the day special for Connor, so we decided we'd let him have a first look, too.  Once I got inside the building, I was down a hallway where Adam couldn't see me.  They sent Connor over to see me.  It was adorable - he gave me a big hug, he walked all the way around to inspect the dress and he told me that I looked pretty and that daddy would like it!

After a few minutes, I got the signal that Adam was upstairs waiting to see me!

We had decided it'd be fun to have him blindfolded, so I moved upstairs and found him standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me.

It's funny how fast my heart was pounding. I was so excited!  When I got down to him, I hugged him from behind and said hi.  I could feel his heart pounding like crazy, too!  I untied his blindfold, he turned around, and we both had the biggest smiles ever on our faces.

We hugged and kissed for a few minutes.  It's sort of funny how nervous we both were!  He had a microphone on, so we can hear some of our random chit chat in the background on our video.  He kept telling me how amazing I looked. :)

After a few minutes of that, we were ready to start taking lots of pictures and move on with the day's events!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our first look - again, all thanks to Brown Lab Photography!

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Aww I love this!! I never heard about the first look, but totally love it. Very intimate and personal!! And yes, you do look beautiful!