Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Wedding - Other Portraits of Us

After the first look, it was time for lots of pictures!

I had made a pretty thorough list for our photographers at Brown Lab Photography, and they were amazing at helping to make sure we got everything done all afternoon.  We knew we wanted some standard type stuff, but part of why we picked them was their eye for getting some artistic shots, too! And at the end of the day, they also knew that we just wanted to have some fun and not be so serious all day... so they were awesome at capturing some just-for-fun shots as well.

We spent the first part of the afternoon getting shots of us along with photos of us with Connor before moving on to the wedding party.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  I'll share the wedding party pictures next.

The above is pretty much my favorite picture of Connor ever! We are definitely getting a print made of this one!

We took a series of shots in the elevators.  They're all good, but this one where one of our photographers popped out cracks me up!

The above is one of our absolute favorite photos of the two of us from the day!

Adam (or someone) had to help me haul that dress around all day!

We had a little bit of downtime to relax before the ceremony!

I'm not big on photos of just me, but I actually really like this one! I feel like it reflects how happy I felt!

2 comments: said...

Can't get enough of wedding pictures, love all of them. They are not the typical standard pictures. Great photographer but also great couple. You just look so happy!!

Laura said...

You look GORGEOUS! And I love the cute touch of wearing cowboy boots with your dress :)