Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Wedding: Paper, Decor and Such

Before we move on to the ceremony, I want to share a few more photos of some of the paper items and decor that we chose for the wedding.

My friend Matt was awesome and designed our Save the Date's and Invitations for us as a wedding gift.  I couldn't have been happier with how he took my vision and put it on paper perfectly.  We used a local print shop in town to print them.  A lot of our wedding was rather untraditional including our paper items.  Adam and I just couldn't justify spending a ton of our budget on something that everyone other than us would likely throw in the trash at some point.

We planned a pretty southern wedding complete with mason jars and burlap, so I was thrilled that Matt was able to translate that to our Save the Dates.  My favorite color is green so it was a no brainer we'd use it in everything!

Our invitations had the same color scheme, and we kept the design and the content as simple as possible.  We tied a small green ribbon around these before they went in the envelope.

My amazing friend Keri designed our program as a gift, another item we didn't want to put a lot of money into. We kept the same color scheme, and we made them fun including fun facts about us!

And for all our fellow Dave fans out there, I'm sure you'll appreciate our fire dancer instead of an ampersand. We used a good bit of DMB music at the wedding!

All of our decor is thanks to my mother and a lot of her lady friends. I am not really as crafty as she is in general, but she loves that sort of stuff so it was her project for the wedding.  She spent hours making everything we needed, and I couldn't be more thankful.  I basically gave her my vision and she made it happen.  Everything looked amazing and exactly how I wanted! (And Adam liked it, too.  He kept telling me that he loved my ideas so we went with them.)

My dad built this arch, and then mom made the flower arrangement (fake!) and wrapped it in fabric.  We found some inexpensive plant stands and borrowed ferns from a family friend.  The venue came with the string lights.  This is the corner where we did the ceremony.  I love how simple but elegant it turned out.

Each of the tables had a green cloth and then an arrangement of wine bottles and mason jars that mom decorated with all sorts of burlap flowers she made.  Some of the jars also had sand and candles that were lit before the reception.

You've already seen them, but here's another gratuitous picture of my gorgeous flowers - but with our rings on them!

Our main table - this is where folks signed our guest book (an album of our engagement pictures).  We had mints and the "Mint to be" sign along with a photo and our memory candle. 

Memory candle and note

Our gift table - this is also where we had the container of bags of rainbow sprinkles that guests would toss when we leave. 

Another shot of the gift table along with my flowers

My cake table

Our beautiful cake! Keep in mind that we did a dessert reception, so we opted for a smaller cake as we knew not all the guests would want cake.

Groom's cake - It looked so good!

Adam's cake table - Mom made sure to decorate those tables, too!

This is also a good place to note my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... we didn't really take photos per se, but I did make a point to ensure I had one of each  - because I do like some tradition!

My old was that a piece of my mom's dress was sewn on to mine.
My new was my gown (and garter, veil and head piece).
My borrowed was the earrings I wore that are my sister's.
My blue was my underwear. ;)

Our venue was gorgeous so we didn't need a ton of decor, but I am pleased with how everything we did turned out.  Everything was so simple but "classy Southern."  I just love how it all looked!

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