Sunday, February 16, 2014

Singles Dash 5K 2.15.14

This weekend, Adam and I ran in the Singles Dash 5K for our February race.  Are we single? Well, of course not! But even though the race was geared toward singles, the website made it clear that lovers were welcome, too!

Part of the appeal was that you got to customize the back of your tech shirt to say whatever you wanted.  And a long-sleeve tech at that!  Everyone also got a travel mug.  So even though it was a little pricier than your typical 5K, we decided it would be worth it. Turns out, we were absolutely correct!

As we are being accustomed to, it was about 5 degrees with a wind chill below zero.  We had to park a little ways from the race check-in, and by the time we got there we were freezing!  It didn't help that we had gotten another 5-6 inches of snow the day before and we had to navigate much of it to get down the sidewalk.  We were so thankful to be able to hang out in the Blue Mile running store before the race start.

We enjoyed checking out the other sayings on shirts around us while we waited.  A favorite was "Love is like a fart.  If you have to force it, it's usually crap." HAHA.

Before long, we headed to the start and got to running.  It was definitely cold, but the bigger challenge was running on the slick snow slush that was still on the streets and trails.  Nonetheless, it was really pretty! We just took our time and stayed safe, enjoying the sunlight as it helped keep us warm.

We finished in 33:30.  While it may be a bit slow, we were pleased.  The cold air was definitely hard on our lungs, especially mine as I've been sick all week. (Sure, maybe it's not the smartest to go run a race in this weather when you've been sick, but what can I say? I didn't want to miss out!)

The race after party was held at Brothers Bar and Grill, and it didn't disappoint. The race folks had free hot chocolate and cookie sandwiches for us, and they hung some special back drops so that you could snap pictures.

As you can see, Adam's shirt says, "My wife is hot!" and mine said, "My husband is lucky!"  Several folks commented on how much they liked them.

It was a pretty small race - maybe 50-60 people.  In the end, that's part of what made it so fun.  Most people actually hung around for a while, having a drink and socializing.  It was sort of funny because we could tell that a lot of the singles were actually talking and connecting, some more awkwardly than others.

The race planners did a great job at setting a fun vibe, and the awards weren't an exception.  They had different expressions for each age group.  Adam actually placed third in his!  I was so proud of him. His group's awards said, "Single Racin' and Ring Chasin'" which I think is spot on for the 25-29 age group! I missed out on an award by one position, but I can't complain... I had fun, and that's what mattered!

Overall, I was really pleased with this race!  The swag was great - I was so glad that the girls' shirts were red and not pink.  The travel mugs we got with the race logo and tagline "Cupid is Stupid" are really nice.  The after party was actually fun and worth sticking around for.  And the course was flat, easy and pretty - with funny signs and mile markers along the way.  My favorite said, "Fellas, stop staring. It'll weaken your knees."

We had a pretty low key Valentine's this year, in part because I've been under the weather.  This was a really fun way for us to celebrate the holiday together!

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LOVE the shirts! Great idea from the race organizer to allow participants to create their own back. Congrats on third place Adam!