Thursday, March 6, 2014

JT 20/20 Experience in Indianapolis, IN

On December 11th, Adam and I went to see Justin Timberlake (again) here in Indianapolis.  Whereas the tickets to the November Nashville show had been my 30th birthday present, the VIP tickets to this show were my wedding gift.  Adam and I are big on making memories together, and this concert did NOT disappoint.

When we first checked in, we got a goody bag where we each got a t-shirt, special tickets, VIP lanyards, and the fancy tour program book.  We also got to do a private shopping thing at the merch tables before we went to a special area where we had a buffet dinner.

When it was almost show time, we headed to our seats.  As part of the VIP package, we had a private table in a section on the floor that was beside the center stage.  I knew from the first show in Nashville we were going to be mere inches away from Justin when he came to that stage, and I was excited!

And yes, we tried out a margarita with Justin's tequila label representing Memphis!

Before long, the show started.  We already knew that it would be the same exact thing we saw in Nashville, but we were pumped anyways as it's one of the best concerts we have ever seen!

Before long, the stage lifted and Justin was on his way to the middle stage near us.

We had already been singing and dancing, but our adrenaline shot through the roof when he came down to the stage area right beside us.

After a bit, he started coming down the ramp we were standing beside.  I'm going to sound totally cheesy here, but I don't even care...

We were both holding our hands up, and Justin reached down and shook both of our hands and nodded at us!  I was holding my phone up with the video going... you can't actually see it happen since I was looking at him and not the screen, but you can tell where it happens and I'm all like "Justin Timberlake just shook our hands!"  I'm not going to share the video solely because it was part of a 5-minute video I took, but I'm so glad we have it (among a few other videos of him performing throughout the night).

I'm fron Nashville. I'm used to seeing celebrities out and about, and it's not a big deal.  But still.  Even though it's not like we "met" him, it was still pretty cool and we nerded out a bit over it.

It was so fun when he and his band/singers/dancers were right there beside us.  I can't even put it into words.

It was just epic.  When the show ended, I felt like I had gotten a workout from all the dancing and sheer joy and adrenaline.  THAT is what a concert should be like!

We left with our ears ringing for a bit (I fear we're getting old), but with smiles and excitement.  I think it was a good hour even once we got home before we calmed down enough to go to sleep.

I didn't see JT when he last came to Nashville on his Future Sex/Love Sounds tour, and I always regretted it since it was so long before he toured again.  I had told Adam I'd forego spending money on lots of other things in order for us to be able to see him on this tour... and Adam didn't disappoint in making it happen!

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