Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Honeymoon: Venice, Italy

Let's take a break from all the wedding posts and move on to the honeymoon!

Let me preface this by saying we booked our trip with a local travel agency.  We not only avoided the headache of trying to make all the plans ourselves in the midst of wedding planning, but we saved a ton of money and got to do some things we likely couldn't have afforded if we booked it ourselves (like having private transfers when moving from hotel to train station, etc.)

Adam and I slept about 5 hours before getting up around 6am to make the drive back to Indiana.  We already had our honeymoon luggage in the car just in case, but we made it back in time to run by the house and unload everything else we were bringing back.  Then we were off to the airport!

We ate some lunch there and had a quick flight down to Atlanta before boarding our flight to Venice, Italy.  We were pretty excited to be starting this trip we had been looking forward to for over 6 months! After dinner on the plane, we curled up and slept the rest of the flight over.

We landed around 9am local time.  We had a private water taxi from the airport straight to the Hotel Colombina.  The room wasn't ready of course, but we dropped off our luggage and then set out to explore a bit.

Venice is incredibly small (as in we were glad we only had one full day there because we wouldn't have needed any more), and we were just a short walk over to the Piazza San Marco with the famous bell tower.  We ended up climbing to the top and took in the views of the city.

Adam with the Bridge of Sighs

First view of the Grand Canal

After a little while, we were able to get into our room.  It was so nice to take a shower and freshen up a bit before we finished exploring the city.

I can remember learning about Venice when I was younger and how the streets were made of water. Before I was old enough to really understand, I could wrap my head around there not being any roads. The truth is that there are roads in and out of the city, and there are tons of walkways and bridges everything.  I loved wandering around, and we really enjoyed getting off the beaten path.

Most of the day was just spent exploring.  We didn't really have anything we wanted to do in Venice (we read a guidebook before the trip and mapped out anything that we wanted to see or do) other than just take in our first day in Italy.  It ended up being perfect since we were a little worn out from the wedding and travel.  Even though we walked all over the city and explored shops and took in the views of the canals and buildings, it was a very relaxing day.

We hadn't really been hungry all day, but then it hit us that we needed dinner.  We found a little cafe along one of the canals and had some wine and unmemorable pizza.  We knew we were wearing out, so we didn't want to have a long, fancy dinner the first night.

We did, however, want to take the classic ring shots that every honeymooning couple must do, haha!

We had ended up on the other side of town, and even though it wasn't a far walk we decided to try one of the water buses.  It was a pretty neat experience to ride it through the city as the sun was setting.

The only thing we absolutely had to do in Venice was a gondolier ride.  We knew it would be expensive, but we figured it's our honeymoon and when else will we be in Venice?  We did it at night so there aren't a lot of pictures, but it was really romantic and the perfect way to end our first day in Italy.

Well, not quite.  As we headed back to the hotel, we stopped for our first gelato of the trip.

We made it back to our hotel and used the lobby computer to send the one promised email to our parents to let them know we arrived safely.  We had also picked up a postcard to mail Connor.  Our other souvenir from Venice was a magnet, as we collect one from every place we travel!

It was a great day, but we were thrilled to climb into bed and get some much needed sleep!

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dreambigrunner.com said...

I was in Venice as a child and was shocked how smelly it was! I think as a child you don't realize how romantic this city is.