Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Wedding: Bridal Portraits

Technically, next up in our story is the honeymoon.... but I want to go on and share our bridal portraits. Eventually, I am also going to circle back and do some vendor reviews. I also have a few posts in my head on some tips and advice I'd like to give to anyone who may be planning a wedding, especially for planning one on a budget! But we'll give everyone a wedding break and move on to some fun Italy posts after this! I've also been trying to occasionally sprinkle in some other random things here and there, so I'll keep that up... like maybe finally sharing about our Christmas and New Year's, haha.

A little over a month after our wedding, we went down to Nashville to do our bridal portraits.  I am not one to want a bunch of pictures of just me, so we went a little non-traditional on these. I had this vision of me in my gown, Adam all dressed up again, and all the shots taken around downtown Nashville. Regardless of our zip code, Nashville is the city that has our hearts.

We are flat our thrilled with how the shots from that day turned out.  We had so much fun... have I mentioned how amazing our photographers from Brown Lab Photography were throughout the whole wedding experience?!  My mom also tagged along to help with my dress and such, and we just laughed and talked and took all sorts of fun photos all over downtown.  We got a lot of looks and people complimenting us, and it was really just a lot of fun to put my dress back on, haha!

Here are some of the best shots from the shoot.  We are definitely ordering some of these to display in our home. Enjoy!

The Ryman Auditorium - one of the most famous places in Nashville

Well you knew we had to have some shots in front of the Titans stadium. I love how we nailed this high five in the air - on the first try, no less!

I love the shots we managed to get with the Nashville skyline

Printer's Alley is another famous Nashville spot... and I love this second shot that shows how silly Adam and I can be together.

A couple of shots in the alley... it seemed like a good place for a butt grab.

And a few evening shots in the middle of Broadway (where all the honky tonks are located!)