Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Wedding - Family and Friends

One of the things that was really important to us what to get some photos with some of our friends and family.  As in, I had them on the schedule and folks to be in the pictures knew if they were to show up a bit early to take their's before the ceremony or if they were to be in a few right after the ceremony. (Being OCD is actually a good thing when you're planning a wedding!)

I'm glad we split them up so that they weren't all taken in the same part of our venue. We took the first few with some of the folks who had been there all day.

With my parents and sister

My mom really wanted a picture of me, her and her mom to show our wedding rings.  I really like how well it turned out!

With my grandma

With Adam's mom

Our family of three

Shortly before the dinner break, we snapped a few more with some other friends and family that we had asked to join us a bit early.

With my sweet friend Erin

A few years back, my cousin Grant said, "Hey, I saw your friend Courtney on Facebook. She's cute." I set them up, and 3 months before our wedding they had their's! We love getting together with them whenever we are back home in Nashville.

And they're silly friends... we love it!

With our friend Ben who did our ceremony

With Adam's brother Tony and his family

With my bridesmaid friends and their husbands... if there are two girls who have known me for years and all about how badly I was longing to find my husband, it's these two!

This photo is just funny. I'm chatting someone up while Adam tries to figure out how the heck to hold up my dress so I don't drag it across the grass.

After the ceremony, we had a few more pictures. The above are some close friends from the church I grew up in.

My grandma and her best friend met years ago, and their daughters grew up together as best friends.  Their whole family is like family to us. (And the flowers girls are the daughter of mom's best friend's younger sister.  Have I confused you yet?)

Adam's extended family who were able to attend 

My extended family who were able to attend

I am so glad that we got all of these pictures.  It was important to us to have them to remember who all was able to be a part of our big day.  I wish we could've gotten pictures with every single friend and family, but goodness knows that would have never happened. Fortunately, between the reception pictures, the guest book and the video, I feel like everyone who was there is in one of them somewhere so that we will always know who celebrated with us!

Next up: the reception!!!  

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LOVE the one with your grandma's, your mom's and your ring, great idea!!!