Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Wedding: Leaving the Reception

We had decided that we would change clothes before we left, mostly for the sake of convenience.  We were going to stay in a nearby hotel to get a few hours of sleep, but then we'd be up early to drive back to Indy to fly out of there to Italy for our honeymoon.  I wanted my mom to keep my gown in TN (especially once the red wine was spilled on it), and we needed someone to return Adam's tux.

I opted to hop back into my dress I wore at the rehearsal dinner the night before, and then it was time to make our grand exit.

But first, I share this photo that shows how awesome my friends are... a lot of them came and left in a party bus.  So smart.

We had decided to have everyone throw rainbow sprinkles because they're bright and fun.  I really wasn't sure how they'd look in the pictures, so I'm thrilled with this shot!

I also like this next photo showing some of the guests having some fun even as we left!

The colors in this next photo didn't show up as well (ah, the difficulty of nighttime shots), but I love how you can see everyone smiling!

Connor was definitely wiped out (it was a long day and close to midnight when we were leaving), and I love this shot of him and Uncle Tony.  We woke him up to say goodbye, but the next morning when we called him for a minute before our flight he had no recollection of it, haha!

We hopped into Adam's car, smiled for a few last photos, and then we were off!

To say it was a dream come true kind of day would be an understatement.  This has definitely been the best day of my life thus far, and I know it'll always stay up there... likely with the days our children are born being the days that'll rank up there with it.  I couldn't be happier with how the day went, and as we drove to our hotel for the night we both knew that it was only the beginning of our adventures in marriage!

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