Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Wedding: Some Candids

Just when you thought the wedding pictures were over, there's more... but only a few.

Over the weeks after the wedding, some friends sent me some random pictures they snapped.  Most of them were on a phone, so they're not top quality... but I don't even care.  I love having them!

I wasn't in ADPi with either of these gals, but they're some new friends that are also sisters... so you know we had to do some diamonds.

With my ADPi big sis Serena... I'm honestly surprised we didn't think to do diamonds.

With some of my girls

I just love this photo

Another one of me relaxing a bit before the ceremony

With Amanda

Love these folks

With my sweet friend Jenn

I always love a good photo bomb

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Great photos! So much fun :)