Sunday, March 2, 2014

Race Report: Tiger Dash 5K 3.1.14

As part of our goal to run one race per month, we ran our March race yesterday at the Tiger Dash 5K up in the Broad Ripple area.

We knew it would be a small race when we signed up, as it was being hosted to raise money for a 7th grade class to go on a trip to Washington, DC.  With our schedule with Connor this month, this was the only race we could find on our free weekend... but I sort of like the small, grassroots races.

We were thrilled it was a 1pm race, and we were even more thrilled when the weather was in the 40s! We only had to wear one layer of clothes, and I was able to ditch my ear band and gloves!

We arrived way too early - the pre-race email said you had to pick up your race packet by 12:15.  We took it seriously, but then it left us with 45 minutes to sit around and wait.  I should've known that it's not like they'd tell us we couldn't have our stuff if we got there at 12:40, but oh well.

We were 2 of about 75 runners for this race.  It was pretty clear that everyone else there knew each other - it was all the 7th grade kids and their parents, haha!  We took off and settled in to run our own pace.  We ran the first mile a little fast in 9:25, so we scaled it back and did the second mile in 10:15. Adam really wants to break 30 minutes in the 5K, and I thought today could be the day.

He is still getting used to pacing and breathing, and we had to take a quick walk break somewhere in there.  We kept a pretty steady pace after that, and we were beating all of the middle schoolers who had started the race sprinting - so we were happy, haha.

I realized the course was going to be long, so I kept an eye on my Garmin.  We hit the 5K mark in 30:30 - so close to Adam's goal!  We're going to break 30 sooner than later, but I was still so proud of Adam! The course ended up being about 3.25 and we finished in 31:50.

It was fun running a small race like this, and I felt like we got our $25 worth since we not only got a shirt, but every runner got a finisher medal!  That's so rare for a 5K, and it made me happy we had some to add to the medal collection at home.

After the race, we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed over to Chateau de Pique in Indy.  Adam had found a Groupon a while back for a wine and cheese tasting there, and it was the perfect day to cash it in.

We learned a bit more about how to taste wines (the lady there actually explained stuff instead of just pouring the tastes), and we really enjoyed trying some new stuff.  I especially liked having some chocolate to go with the Chambourcin, and the blueberry wine we tried was unique and tasty!

It was definitely a lovely day spent together.  We are definitely ready for spring, and even though we know warmer weather in Indy is not quite here yet it still felt like we're on the cusp of spring!

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What a fun day!! Love the fact you run a race very month together - fun tradition :)