Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our First Family Easter

Things have been busy in our household lately!  Connor was with us for his spring break, and then before we knew it Easter rolled around!

With Adam and I having only been married since August, this was only our second Easter together and our first as a family of three.  We spent the weekend down in TN and had a great time celebrating with family.

We went to an Easter Extravaganza on Saturday.  Connor had never had a picture with an Easter Bunny, so we were excited to see one and ask him if he might bring a basket later that night.

We checked out the petting zoo, and he thought it was pretty cool to see all the different animals.

There was an Easter egg hunt where a helicopter dropped all the eggs.  It was pretty crowded, but little man was able to grab a few eggs so he was excited.  We had some popsicles and played some games. And then his day was pretty much made when he met Captain America and told him all about seeing The Winter Soldier over spring break.

On Sunday morning, little man was pretty excited over the goodies in his Easter basket.

We got cleaned up and headed to church at Cross Point.  Adam and I haven't been able to go since before we moved, so it was great to be back at a service there.  Little man asked to come to "big church" with us, and I think he really enjoyed it.

After church, we headed to a family gathering.  My aunt and uncle always hosted the Easter egg hunt at their house back when we were all kids, so it was really fun to take Connor over to carry on the tradition.  They have this nice treehouse that I remember playing on when I was a kid, so it was really neat to get a picture with our family in it!

We also got a good one with my parents and sister, too!

Connor and Whitney are the only kids for now, and they really enjoyed the egg hunt.

Connor was pretty excited to find one of the prize eggs!

After the egg hunt, we realized this was the first time in years that all of the "original" kids were together at Easter - mostly because one of my cousins lived in England for a while.  We decided it was the perfect time to reenact a classic Easter photo.

I think we nailed it.

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Laura said...

I love your photo reenactment - that is such a cute idea!