Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Honeymoon: Last Day in Rome

We were up early to get our ride back to the Naples train station to catch a train back to Rome.  Our only regret from the trip is that we didn't have more time in Positano.  If we knew when we were planning the trip with the travel agency just how much we would enjoy that part, we would have spent our last day there and flown home from Naples instead of Rome.

Nonetheless, we still had an enjoyable last day.  Once we got back into Rome, we took our bags to our hotel and set out to wander around a bit.  Even though we had seen almost everything we wanted to during our first two days, there were still a few things on our list.

First up was to see the Trevi Fountain.  When we first found it, they were cleaning it so it was totally empty.  We wandered around the area for a bit and did some souvenir shopping, and then we headed back over to see it back on.

We truly just wandered around for a while. We went back to the Pantheon since it was closed when we saw it a few nights ago.  This time we were able to go in and see the inside.

After a bit, we were able to return to our hotel and check into our room.  We took a nap and ended up hanging out in the room for a while to relax.  We were honestly just worn out after such an amazing trip, so it was nice to just hang out and not feel like we had anything else we had to fit in and see.

We eventually set out for the evening.  We went over to another part of town to check out a plaza and a street with a lot of shops.  After that, we ended back up by the Trevi Fountain to see it at night.  It was really pretty!  We made our wish and then set out in search of dinner.

Another part of being a bit worn out is that we were feeling indecisive about what to eat.  At the same time, every restaurant is pretty much the same... I think we were tired of italian food, haha.  We finally found a restaurant that looked good and sat down, but after 10 minutes of no one acknowledging us or even bringing water we left.

At this point, I didn't feel like taking any further risks so we went back to the same place we ate a few nights before that had been good.  I am so glad we did!  We had another terrific meal and managed to end the last night of our trip on a high note.

After dinner, we grabbed some gelato one last time and wandered around a little bit more before heading back to our hotel and crashing.

We got up the next morning and discovered it was raining.  We were so lucky that it didn't rain at all on our trip until the day we were leaving.  We had a shuttle to the Rome airport, and now that it was time to go home we were pretty excited about getting on with it.

We had some euros leftover, so we bought a couple of books at the airport to spend them (knowing that it's not worth it to try to get them exchanged back when we got home) and eventually boarded our flight.

The flight back to Atlanta was 8-9 hours.  We napped about 2 hours, but we spent the rest of the time watching movies or reading.  Once in Atlanta, we were pretty excited to eat some American food court type food. We had a quick flight back to Indy and then made our way back to our home.

I snapped one last picture of all of our souvenirs once we got home.  We had bought some of the Venetian Murano glasses, magnets, some pins for Adam's collection, some chocolate, a small bottle of lemoncello, a Harry Potter book in Italian, a mini sculpture of the leaning tower and the Colosseum, a scarf for me and a little jacket for Connor.  We love all of these little reminders of our amazing honeymoon!

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