Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Turning 31

May 13 is always a special day - my birthday!

This year, I turned 31. I don't know why, but for some reason 31 feels much different than when I turned 30 last year.  I think there is just something about being officially IN my 30s. 

But - I'll quote my favorite 6-year-old ever who recently said, "I know you are older than Daddy, but Daddy looks older!"  Smart kid. :)

Speaking of little man's daddy, I have to brag on my amazing husband.  He really knows how to make a special occasion truly special.  With my birthday falling on a Tuesday, we decided to celebrate over the weekend.  He had told me to mark off the weekend, but that everything was going to be a surprise. I LOVE surprises!

When the time finally rolled around to celebrate, he told me to pack for 2 days.  We hopped in the car, and I had no idea what he had planned!

Before I knew it, we were downtown.  We started our adventure with a tour and tasting at the Sun King Brewery - something that had been on our list to do since we moved to Indy!

After this, we drove a bit further downtown and parked.  Our next stop was the Libertine Liquor Bar - another place on our to do list.  We enjoyed a delicious cheese plate and some fancy cocktails.  For my Nashville people, think Patterson House or Holland House.

For my birthday dinner, he took us to St. Elmo Steak House - yet another item on our Indy to do list. This is one of the top-rated steak houses in Indy, and from what we heard it's the one frequented most by Peyton Manning. I had the filet, and it was delicious!

After dinner, we walked down to the movie theater and saw The Other Woman.  It was really funny - I definitely enjoyed it!  After the movie, we walked to the Sheraton where Adam had booked a room with a view of the Circle.  It was so nice!

The next morning, we woke up to beautiful skies and walked over a few blocks to have a late breakfast at Le Peep.

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the north side of the city. We wandered around a Books A Million for a bit and then headed to the Studio Movie Grille (where you can order drinks and food during the movie) to see Neighbors.  It was hilarious! I wasn't sure if it would be stupid or not... it had its crude moments, but it was still a funny and sweet story.

Then, we checked into a room at Sybaris. This place is meant to be a getaway hotel for couples, and it was SO much fun.

We found our bed covered with rose petals.

I was excited about the giant whirlpool tub, too!

There were some awesome massage chairs and robes.

And there was a private pool with slide... in our room. Seriously.

It was amazing.  We swam. We used the steam room.  We ordered a pizza.  We watched Savings Mr. Banks that we picked up at Redbox (a terrific movie!). We sat in the massage chairs.  And we enjoyed some chocolate-covered strawberries and the whirlpool tub.  It was so relaxing, and it made this one of the best birthdays ever.

Yesterday on my actual birthday, Adam worked from home.  He went and got us some breakfast from McDonald's.  We both had plenty of work to do all day, but it was nice having him home.  Connor called to wish me a happy birthday, so we enjoyed chatting with him for a while.

Then, we went out to eat dinner at a local burger joint and then went to Chili's for a chocolate lava cake! Adam had also noticed that I favorited this cute Hedwig necklace on etsy a while back and surprised me with it!

It was an absolutely amazing birthday, and mostly because I married the most amazing man who knows how to make me feel special.  I also greatly appreciate the many birthday calls, texts and Facebook messages I received.  My life is full of so many awesome people whom I love and hold dear, and it is delightful to feel so loved on such a special day.

This weekend we'll be in TN to celebrate with Connor and our families.  We are going to go to Loveless Cafe (a Nashville staple) and have a yummy dinner! I'm really looking forward to continuing to celebrate with more people I love!

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A pool...with YOUR room!!??? Wow!! That is amazing! Happy birthday, so glad you had a fantastic day!