Saturday, May 3, 2014

Race Report - Indianapolis Graffiti Run 4.27.14

Last Sunday, Adam and I took Connor to complete his first ever 5K!  We didn't tell him what we had planned - we just said it would be fun.  Once we got there and got checked in, he started figuring out we were doing a race.  When he realized we were going to get colorful, he got pretty excited!

We had found Groupons for The Graffiti Run quite a while back, and when we realized it was a weekend we would have Connor we were looking forward to the race even more.

Once we got checked in, we hung out in the car for a bit since it was still a little chilly.  However, we soon headed to the start line to get ready to race!

They encouraged everyone to go on and throw the color in the packets we all received when we checked in, so it wasn't long before we had some colorful powder on us.  Connor got especially tickled when I put my hand in some on the ground and put a handprint on his shirt.

After a while, we were off!  We encouraged Connor to run as much as possible, but we definitely kept it slow and took frequent walk breaks.  It was so cute seeing him running along with us!

I love this picture of Connor running along, covered in blue.  I told him he looked like a smurf, which he thought was hilarious. We've got to work a bit on running form - HAHA - but for a 6-year-old he was doing pretty awesome!

After we had been through all of the color stations, we could tell he was getting a little tired - so he got to ride on daddy's back for the last quarter mile or so.

We ended up not going all the way to the finish, mostly because it was a bit windy and we didn't really feel the need to stick around for any post-race stuff.  We got a family photo in the parking lot and were on our way!

As we left, Connor told us how much fun he had and that he thought it was pretty awesome.  We could tell he had a blast the whole time, and it was so much fun for us as parents to see him having such a great time!

It's really important to us to teach him the importance of being active and healthy.  We plan to have him do some fun races like this with us from time to time, but we also don't want to push him to run a lot as he gets older unless he enjoys it.  I'm sure there may be something else active he enjoys if not running. We also want him to learn the importance of us doing stuff like this as a family as well as show him how Adam and I do stuff like this together.  Maybe that's all a little cheesy, but it's what it all boils down to for us. In the end, it's fun when we make it fun!

I loved some of the photos the race photographers got of us, too.  It's fun to see us all having fun together during the race.

Now about the race itself. We were not impressed.  The Graffiti Run is definitely a rip-off of The Color Run - and it's definitely subpar in comparison.  Another reason why we didn't go to the finish area was because we knew by that point that it wouldn't offer much.

It was sort of just one poorly organized detail after another:

  • We never got any sort of pre-event email the week of the race to give further details
  • Race check-in was a CLUSTER.  Seriously long lines that moved incredibly slow, and it was just total chaos among the volunteers working the registration. 
  • The t-shirts were so incredibly cheap... just paper thin.  Mine is now Connor's size after washing; Adam's is now my size after washing.  And they are longer in the back than in the front.
  • The color powder was also cheap.  When we did a Color Run, we were covered and it stuck to us until we showered.  This stuff just fell off of us, and most of ours was gone by the time we got to the car.
  • The last station was completely out of color by the time we got there - and we were pretty far ahead of most of the runners.  Terrible.
  • The "water station" was a stack of cases of bottled water to the side in one spot toward the end of the course.  And no volunteers.  We all had to tear into the cases to pull out a bottle.
  • I didn't wear my Garmin, but there's no way the course was a 5K.
  • They allowed WAY too many people to register and were unprepared for the crowd.
We won't be doing a race of this franchise again, but at the end of the day I am still glad we did it because it gave us such a fun morning with Connor - he definitely enjoyed his first ever 5K!

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Too bad the race was poorly organized, but you guys made the most of it. Love all the pictures!!