Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Race Report: Indy Mini Half Marathon 5.3.14

On Saturday, Adam and I ran in the Indianapolis Mini Half-Marathon.  Adam had decided late last year that he wanted to do a few half marathons throughout this year.  We decided this race would be fun as it boasts of being the largest half marathon in the country - and you get to run all the way around the Indy Speedway.

We went downtown to the race expo on Thursday evening in the hopes of avoiding the crowds.  We were so glad we did.  We easily picked up our packets with no wait, and we were able to wander around and check out the vendors.  Adam even found a new pair of sneakers for $49!

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early to head downtown to the race start.  We had booked parking online the night before, and we easily found it and got situated.  It was a bit chilly (because heaven forbid it actually be warm any time we race in this state), so we hung out in the car as long as we could.

Soon, it was time to walk down to the start and hop in our corral.

Adam and I trained a bit better for this race than we did for his first half back in September. However, we knew we had only gotten up to 9 miles in training (life has been busy!) and that we wanted to take it easy.

I was quickly impressed with all of the bands along the course!  They were spread out just enough that as you could no longer hear one you passed, you could hear the next one you were coming up on.  This definitely helped to break things up and keep us entertained... which was good, because the course was pretty boring and not through any interesting parts of town.

Before long, we were running up into the Indy Speedway. This was definitely the coolest part of this race!

I could definitely tell as we ran the 2 miles around the track that the music had been helping.  It was so quiet! It was just so cool running around in there and seeing how big the place is.... I had no idea!

After we left the speedway, we were at about mile 9.  I was starting to feel it in my legs a bit, but for the most part I still felt pretty good.   The bands resumed, and we kept plugging along.

Another thing I was impressed with was that the water stops were frequent and well organized.  We had no issues staying hydrated along the course.

I knew we were on track to get Adam a PR, so I kept an eye on my watch and made sure our walk breaks stayed short.  We definitely took far less than we did in his first half, and when we did take them they were pretty short.  I was so proud of him for being able to run so much more!

We finished in 2:33 and some change... though the course was long and I clocked our half in 2:31 9and we ran pretty well down the middle the entire time).  His previous time was 2:39, so he definitely killed it!

We got our medals and checked out the post-race festivities before heading back home for a nice post-race nap.

All in all, I felt this was a really well organized race, and I'd recommend it.  The course is very flat, but other than the Speedway it is also VERY boring. Nonetheless, we had fun and it was a great day for running!

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Congrats on a new P R for Adam!! Love the medals!