Friday, June 27, 2014

Race Report: Run for Ronald

On June 21, Adam and I ran in the Run for Ronald 5K as our June race.

Life has been a little busy lately, to say the very least, especially with us buying our new home. After the Indy Mini Half in early May, we decided that if it got too hard to keep up our goal of running one race per month during the summer that it would be ok.

But Adam realized we were free this particular Saturday morning and signed us up for this race a few days in advance.  

It was a pretty standard 5K experience. We showed up, got parked and checked in to get our shirts and numbers. We sat around for a bit until it was time to start.  The course ran along the Canal in downtown Indy, and it was actually very quaint and pretty. It was a small race, which was good since there wouldn't have been a lot of room for a ton of people along the canal.

It's the first race we've run this year where it was actually warm and humid.  It slowed us down a little bit, especially since we haven't really even had that much heat and humidity to train in.

The only real issue was toward the end. There apparently was some other sort of walk going on, and the two courses crossed paths.  There weren't any signs or volunteers from either event directing folks what to do, so a bunch of us turned the wrong way.  As we got to the next turn, we found out from a volunteer we went the wrong way so we had to swing back around. It was sort of frustrating, especially since it was the last quarter mile of the race.

We finished, cooled off a bit and then headed home. We finished in 33:27 - certainly not our best time, but I'll take it considering it was hot and we had been up late at the Dave Matthews concert the night before. :)

We've already signed up for the Firecracker 5K in Nashville on the 4th of July for our July race, so it looks like we're staying on track to keep up with our goal!

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Good job on keeping up your monthly races.